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Adam & Eve Lovers Candle (Medium)

Burn this candle to draw, attract or hold onto your lover- whether male or female. It binds two people together, like Adam and Eve, so that you will have good strong love with the person you desire, and they have eyes for you only.
$16.95 $12.95

Angel Guardian Candle

We all have a guardian angel. Connect with yours and get the blessings that you desire!
$9.95 $3.99

Business/Work/Millionaires Candle - Green

Draw millions into your business! Become the powerful business owner that you have always desired! Can also be used to find/keep your dream job - so that you have steady work at all times!
From $9.95

Cleansing 7 Day Candle

Burn the Cleansing 7 Color candle for cleansing against bad luck, hexes, witchcraft and spells. Cleansing of the home and business.
From $9.00