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Bring Happiness 7 Day Candle

"Traer La Felicidad" - Bring Happiness 7 Day Candle

Candle Burning Service

CAN'T BURN CANDLES AT HOME? NO PROBLEM - Tell us Your Condition(s) from the List Below - Limit 3 - and We Will Burn a Candle Here, just for You! Rev. Moses & Staff will write your personal desire or wish on a Piece of Blessed Parchment Paper with a Dove's Blood Ink Pen and Light your candle at just the right time, letting the Power of the candle magnetize & super-charge your request with Positive forces & vibrations to achieve MAXIMUM EFFECT!


The most powerful gambling amulet. You can win big with this root. Keep with you when ever gambling.
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Protection Herbal Magical Soy Votive Candle

I am safe and at ease in body and spirit.
$8.99 $4.99