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Peaceful Home Spray

Keep all troubles, confusion and jinx from entering your home. Your home will be peaceful and happy always!
$8.95 $6.99

Rev. Moses Jinx Removing / Run Devil Run Ten-Ton Kit

Using the items provided with this kit you will be able to get rid of all that evil that is plauging your life. This kit will make the devil run run run away from your life!
$100.00 $75.00

Rev. Moses Spiritual Cleansing Bath

Use Rev. Moses Spiritual Bath Liquid to remove the evil and bad odors from your body. Use Rev. Moses Spiritual Bath Liquid and remove all evil and its nasty odors for good and feel good again! This also cleanses you from all crossed and jinxed conditions.

Reversible Spray

Use this spray to reverse and send back all jinx or evil put on you by evil spirits or people. Conquer all your problems and send all evil back to who sent it your way!
$8.95 $6.99