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Bayberry Candle

Burn this candle to change your luck, draw money, and to unblock winning numbers while removing all Jinx and Hexes. (Comes with blessed parchment paper and doves blood ink pen and complete instructions on how to burn the candle.) A Thanksgiving MUST - it bring families closer together - brings peace and lots of LUCK! ABUNDANCE for ALL!

Black Destructor Oil

Destroys Everything Evil. Be Protected. Be Blessed.
From $7.98

Monkey's Paw Spiritual Cleansing Liquid

Used for fast luck, protection, and to destroy all jinxes and curses in or around you, your loved ones or at your workplace. This powerful item is also a very effective fast money-puller from any source!


Destroy ALL evil that may be lurking around you, your family, or your home. Break curses, hexes, spells, and jinx that might be holding you back!
From $7.50