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Lives of the Saints Pocket Book

Prayers to many Saints for All kinds of conditions and problems; for students, for workers, for the sick, for difficult marriages, for the drink & drug addicted, for the homeless, for the children, for the nervous and mentally ill & many more.

Money Blessing Ink

Write your special wish, desire or request to the Lord when praying for anything you need or want - for money, luck in gambling, court, job matters - any situation where you need money! 1 oz Bottle.
$8.95 $4.98

Money Drawing Powerful Fixed 50 Hour Candle

Draws quick money to you from any source! Use this for hitting jackpots or any game of chance. Find fortunes and Quick cash now!

Money Herbal Magic Soy Votive Candle

May prosperity flow freely through my life.
$15.00 $4.99