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Florida Water Cologne

Use Florida Water Cologne as a rub down for the sick or for those in pain. This powerful and sweet smelling water will remove headaches, aching joints or muscles, and head colds, and more! Many uses for this water.
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Holy Temple Incense

A pure natural biblical incense. It fills the air with divine fragrance. It cleanses and protects you and your home.

Love Me Only Extra Strong Powder

Wear on your chest area and behind ears so that your loved one will only love you!
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Lucky 9 Herbal Bush Bath

Herbal Bush Baths utilize the healing powers of herbs, plants and roots to facilitate healing of mind, body and spirit as in traditional African bush medicine. Our LUCKY 9 HERBAL BUSH BATH comes in a tall 2 oz jar filled with special herbs to cleanse, open roads, and conquer and control enemies.