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Haitian Gamblers Oil

This special blend of oils, spices, herbs, and silver dust is especially formulated to help you WIN and WIN AGAIN! Successful gamblers use and trust this oil! Stay on a hot luky winning streak!

Lucky Dice Sure To Win Bag

When carrying this lucky bag while playing any game of chance you will be sure to WIN! You will hit the jackpot and never miss "by one number" ever again! The bag comes with two lucky dice, a green carrying bag and a bottle of "Sure to Win Oil" Plus you will receive a lucky Rabbits foot and a mini lucky horseshoe for extra strong luck for drawing that jackpot!
$12.95 $9.99

XXX Triple Power Win Court Case/Lawsuit Bag

When carried with you to court you will get a favorable outcome! The judge will rule on your behalf. The kit comes with an Ocote Cross, Chew John Root, and Lodestone with magnetic sand, Lucky in court stone, court case oil, and a blue blessed carrying bag. Also comes with a special Seal blessed by Reverend Moses and a Dove's blood ink pen. Instructions are included on how to use this very special and powerful Bag!
$19.95 $11.99