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1800 Violet (Kolonia) Cologne

Violet is great to use in spells and rituals of love and luck, and is removed for helping women get what they want. Get Money, Respect and Strong Love.
$10.95 $4.99

7 Keys to Power Triple Strength Incense

Bring the power of God's forces to you, so you can fight enemies, jinx and all spells. Stop confusion and gain control over your life!
From $5.00

Attraction/Love Drawing/Come to Me Triple Strength Fixed 7 Day Candle

Get a lover, draw a lover and hold onto your lover! Make him or her Come To You! He or She will not be able to resist your love!
From $13.50

Black Hen/Black Destroyer Perfume

This perfume destroys all evil in or around you, so you will be protected against all bad luck and your enemies, according to the legend of the black hen and black unicorn.