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All Purpose/Lucky Millionaires/Helping Hand 7 Day Candle

Bring Luck, Prosperity and ALL good things in abundance to you! Receive a multitude of God's greatest blessings with this Miraculous Triple Action candle.
$12.95 $9.95

Millionaires Money Candle - Green

Draw BIG MONEY to you- FAST! Burn this candle to WIN BIG at the lottery or casino! Never worry about financial troubles again! Get out of any debt and draw QUICK MONEY to you!


Get the car and house you have been dreaming of and get out of DEBT! Watch how quickly money blessings start to appear in your life! Become the millionaire that you have been longing for!
From $8.00

Triple Power Lucky Millionaire's Necklace

Wear as a necklace or carry it as a pocket piece. Get the things you want and deserve with this Lucky Millionaire's Necklace and Pocket Piece! This will help unblock your money problems and guide you too huge riches so you will never be broke again! It shows the three powerful symbols of Luck! HORSESHOE, 4 LEAF CLOVER, AND LUCKY NUMBER 7!!!
From $15.00