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7 Keys to Power Triple Strength Incense

Bring the power of God's forces to you, so you can fight enemies, jinx and all spells. Stop confusion and gain control over your life!
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CLEARANCE: Cedar Fragrant Incense Sticks

Burn to Bust through the Blocks that Hold you Down and Make You Suffer. Cleanse Yourself and Open the Roads to Success, Happiness, and Good Fortune! Very strong to help you Conquer all situations. Cedar Fragrant Incense Sticks will leave your home, dorm or place of business smelling sweetly and beautifully of cedar
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CLEARANCE: Cleansing Broom

Wear the cleansing broom of your choice, to help guide you to conquer your problems. Red to conquer love problems! Purple to conquer all health problems! Green to conquer all money problems! Wear all three at the same time and conquer all your problems at once!
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High John the Conqueror Power Stone

Extra big for extra power! This incredible gemstone blocks out all negative vibrations and evil forces and magnetizes and draws good luck only! Remove jinxes and crossed conditions and drive away the devil. Conquer any and all situations and conditions - no matter how bad! Comes with a free blessed protection cloth and easy directions.