November Special: Rev. Moses 100% Pure Blessed Oils

These oils are "Triple Strength" and are Extra Potent. Their powerful working formulas are designed just for you, with your special purpose in mind. Get the results that you need and want- and fast! Use these oils when all else has failed!

Use these Extra Potent 100% Pure Oils to conquer any difficult situation and to be blessed, so you can get what you want!

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7 Knots Unbinding Special Oil

Do you feel the burden of bad luck poisoning your life? Tired of never getting that job you need or hitting that number worth millions. Break free of the curse of jinx, bad luck, hex and crossing. Get rid of all that stands in your way!
$13.50 $5.99

Binding Special Blessed Oil

Have this powerful oil bind and fasten your loved one close to you, so that no other person can come between you and the person you desire. Be and stay happy with the one you love!
$13.50 $5.99

Black Cat Bone Special Blessed Oil

Draws Luck and fortune into your life. You can use this oil to help you win at any game of chance at the Casino! The Power of the Black Cat Bone is also known to Drive away and cast off evil.
$13.50 $5.99

Destroy Evil Special Blessed Oil

Move evil away from you and your home forever. Drive away all evil spirits and be protected from any negativity, harm and jealousy. This oil will kill hexes or curse put on you and it will destroy witchcraft or Voodoo too. Remove all spells and keep them off!
$10.95 $5.99

Double Crossing Special Blessed Oil

Do you feel like someone in your life has crossed you? Use this oil to uncross yourself and send it back to the one who wished you harm - no matter who they are!
$13.50 $5.99

Double Power Reversible Special Oil

A "2 In 1" Combination Oil - Brings Good Luck and Draws Money and All Good things to you while ALSO Turning back all evil spells, curses and spirits that have been placed on your from anyone (enemies) or anywhere. A truly powerful double-action oil!
From $5.99

Dume Special Oil

For revenge against enemies. A powerful 100% pure Oil that sends bad luck back to those who deserve it, and those who send it.
$13.50 $5.99

Energy Special Oil

This item draws Energy into you life. You can use this when you are feeling drained and on days when it feels like you can use a little more pep. Don't feel powerless anymore and Overcome what holds you down!
$13.50 $5.99

Fiery Wall of Protection Special Blessed Oil

This oil is said to be the best answer to evil spells directed against you and your loved ones -- and it also puts up a powerful shield against gossiping co-workers or jealous rivals. This oil is not intended to create harm, only to give the protection you need.
$13.50 $5.99

Guardian Angel Special Blessed Oil

Use this powerful Guardian Angel oil to ask your Guardian Angel for 3 magic wishes and instant miracles. This angel oil is dedicated to protecting you from all harm. Works Quick!
$13.50 $5.99

Happiness Special Blessed Oil

Are you depressed, anxious, sad, overwhelmed, frustrated, and just plain unhappy? Use this 100% pure oil to attain peace and joy. This Happiness Oil will give positive vibrations!
$13.50 $5.99

Hex Breaker/Hex Be Gone Special Blessed Oil

Break your hex and bad luck fast! Cures any hex or crossed conditions on you and your loved ones. Get out of that rut for good and destroy that Hex that has been holding you down.
$13.50 $5.99

Hold Your Money

Gain control over your finances never go broke! This oil works money miracles if you are poor or needy. Pulls money from any source so you may finally have the money you need and want. Live an easy comfortable life!
$13.50 $5.99

Jinx Killer Special Blessed Oil

Is a jinx keeping you down? Feeling restless, confused, uneasy? You may have a jinx on you and not know it. This oil will Kill any jinx on you or in your home. Make the jinx be gone forever!
$13.50 $5.99

Keep Away Hate Special Oil

Do you feel that others dislike you for no reason? Do people look at you in a way you don't like? Stop the hate NOW and keep it away from you and your loved ones. Don't be bothered by negative thoughts and people who don't want to see you happy.
$13.50 $5.99

Keep Away Trouble Special Blessed Oil

Make all evil people or the ones that cause trouble in your life, stay away from you for good! This pure Oil can be used to help with problems and drives away any evil spirits that are in your home.
$13.50 $5.99

Luck In A Hurry Special Blessed Oil

Good for any condition, problems or worries that you have. Use to get good luck fast. If your luck is down and you need speedy help, then get emergency relief with this oil.
$13.50 $5.99

Minister's Special Oil

This oil is used to help give you magnetic power and helps draw people to you - or with your words. If you happen to be a person of the church, this oil can help draw people to your church so you can have the crowd you have always wished for - and pull in those money donations.
$13.50 $5.99

Money Pull Special Blessed Oil

This oil helps draw money to you fast! Pull money and get money from those who owe you, lottery, casino games, family matters, lover, or job. Your money will be unblocked. Watch it grow and come your way!
$13.50 $5.99

Return To Me Special Blessed Oil

Returns a lost love and helps bring back the love that was once there. This oil stops anyone from "stealing or influencing" your lover away from you. Bring back the love you once shared with that special someone and become happy once again!
$13.50 $5.99

Special Favor Special Blessed Oil

Ask God for a special favor and His blessing. Just use powerful Oil daily or when cleansing yourself or your home and God will grant you extra protection and blessing to you and your family. Ask and you shall receive!
$13.50 $5.99

Spiritual Cleansing Special Blessed Oil

Cleanse your body, mind and spirit with this pure cleansing oil. Gets rid of unwanted conditions and unblocks what holds you back in your body. Moves out evil once and for all so you can PUT YOUR MIND TO REST!
$13.50 $5.99

Star Of David Special Oil

For Protection and special requests. It is blessed and used for people in difficult times. It is the symbol of Power, Prosperity, and Protection in ancient Hebrew. It ensures GOOD LUCK FOR AT LEAST 7 YEARS!
$13.50 $5.99

Stop Gossip Special Blessed Oil

Make those nasty jealous people stop talking about you in such a bad way. If people are talking nasty about you or spreading rumors, use this oil to shut them up!
$13.50 $5.99

Unity Special Oil

This Unity oil draws your lover closer to you. It is known to repair broken relationships and make existing relationships even stronger. Hold onto your lover and bring romance, compassion, and strong sex back into your love life. (Order Item C1068 - Unity Candle for more power).
$13.50 $5.99

Weight Special Oil

Make your weight problems go away for good! This oil can be used to help you focus on losing weight (and also to help gain weight if you need to). Have one less problem and get the body shape you have prayed for.
$13.50 $5.99

Witchcraft Special Blessed Oil

This oil will keep away all witchcraft from you, your home, or loved ones. It will also destroy any evil plots against you, keep away bad spirits, and break all spells on you or those who are close to you.
$13.50 $5.99