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Religious Items

Brass Pentagram Bell

This delightful bell, crafted of brass, mingles decorative purposes with functional magnificently. The handle, stylized with numerous contours and varied levels, is shaped to fit into your hand with a great deal of comfort even, allowing you to fel at ease as you ring this bell for your ritual practices. The bell itself flares out gracefully, and is marked on two sides with the engraved image of an interwoven pentacle. When at rest, it sits approximately 5" high and 2 1/2" in diameter.

Pentacle Bell (Silver)

This silver pentacle bell can be used to help enhance the look and feel of an alter setting. It can be used to boost the strength of any incantation or spell.
$20.95 $10.95

Saint Francis of Assisi Wooden Icon

This holy man of the people lived by a strict code of self-denial. Born into a wealthy family, St. Francis eschewed all possessions and trappings of wealth, including his father’s lucrative business. He was a fierce advocate of the poor, a lover of nature and a friend to animals. As he states in his now well-known prayer, “He Sought to Understand, Rather than to be Understood”. What an amazing concept that someone would dare to actually listen and listen intently –before talking---because as he says “By Self-Forgetting, We Find”. Add this prayer card to your wallet, altar, or special place of prayer and meditation as a reminder and tribute to Saint Francis of Assisi.
$9.95 $7.95

St Anthony

St. Anthony , the Catholic patron saint of lost items, the poor and travelers.
$9.00 $6.50

St Barbara Mini Statue

She is also traditionally the patron of armourers, military engineers, gunsmiths, miners and anyone else who worked with cannon and explosives. She is venerated by every Catholic who faces the danger of sudden and violent death in work.
$9.00 $6.50

St Christopher

Patron saint for travellers, be protected when travelling to work, on vacation, or when on a personal voyage.
$9.00 $6.50

St Lazarus

Lazarus is the poor man at the gate of the rich man in Christ's parable related in Luke. (Luke 16:19-31) He gives thoses who are sick or injured a helping hand.
$9.00 $6.50

St. Joseph

Saint Joseph is known to help those who need help selling their homes or other property they own. Bury this statue upside down in the front yard of the property you wish to sell and pray to Saint Joseph and he will bring a buyer to you - sell it fast and for a good price! Once you sell the property you may dig it up and keep in your new home for blessings and good luck.
$9.00 $6.50

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