CLEARANCE: Clear Mustard Seed Necklace

"If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, then nothing shall be impossible unto you" Believe in the Power that Mustard Seeds can Bring! Conquer problems with this necklace and rejoice in peace. Faith Works Miracles!
$15.95 $9.99

Fight The Devil with St. Michael's Sword

The sword of this powerful Archangel will fight battles for you- Aginst all evil and harm! He will help you gain victory! Have no fear and defeat your enemies and take control over your life again!
$10.00 $8.95

Power Of Jesus Necklace

Feel the Power of the Lord working for you at all times. Lift your spirits and let the Lord give you strength! Wear this beautiful necklace now, God rewards those with faith!
From $11.00

Protection Against All Evil Sword and Power Stone

This necklace will Break any Voodoo and Witchcraft Spells! Turns back Evil and be Protected from all Evil around you or your home! This piece creates a Protective Shield that will fight off all evil and keep you safe!
From $11.95

Star Of David (Wealth) Necklace

Used mostly by Jewish people but lucky for all who believe in its power and luck! It is blessed for people whom are in difficult times. It is the symbol of Power and Protection and complete BLESSINGS. It ensures GOOD LUCK FOR AT LEAST 7 YEARS!
From $11.00

Dark Blue Rosary Prayer Bracelet

All protection against anything. Keeps you safe from harm or from people trying to do harm to you.

Light Blue Rosary Prayer Bracelet

Helps pull money any kind of way - fast and powerful!

Purple Rosary Prayer Bracelet

Conquer, control & master all problems with power!

Blessed Mother Mary All Powerful Necklace

Oh most Virgin Mary, lady of Grace, please come to my aid, now. You are the Mother of Mercy, Hope of the Troubled, Health of the Sick, Help of the Needy, and Mother of Sorrows. Bless me with your prayers and ease my troubles. Pray for me, your devoted servant.
From $5.00

Sacred Heart of Jesus All Powerful Necklace

Oh Divine Jesus, who has said,"Ask and you shall receive: Seek and you shall find; Knock and it shall be opened unto you". - Help me now! Give me strength, Protection, and light where there is darkeness. Oh Heavenly Lord and Master, exhibit the Wealth of Love of your Sacred Heart.
From $5.00

St. Anthony All Powerful Saint Necklace

Oh dear St. Anthony, Wonder Worker of Miracles, please bestow your perpetual gift, given to you by Christ Our Lord, upon me. I also pray dearly to you because I know you are the special Patron Saint of Finance for the poor and Needy, as well as Restorer of things lost.
From $5.00

St. Christopher Medal Necklace

Wear this necklace or buy it for your children to protect them. St. Christopher is the Saint for Protection. He will protect you and your children against evil, enemies, accidents, and bad influences. It is good to keep in the car for travelers. Comes with 24 inch chain
$14.95 $9.95

St. Joseph All Powerful Saint Necklace

Oh St. Joseph, Great Protector on Earth, Pray for me now, because you are the Dispenser of Immortal riches and Patron Saint of the Dying. Protect me from death and danger from my enenmies. You give comfort to the suffering, Support to Troubled Families, and Hope to the Sick.
From $5.00

St. Jude All Powerful Saint Necklace

Oh St. Jude most Holy Apostle and friend of Jesus, invoke your powers to give me Speedy Help and Relief from my problems, as you have done for others. My situation in life has become a Hopeless and Desperate case-That is why I call on you to pray for me now.
From $5.00

St. Michael All Powerful Saint Necklace

Oh Glorious Archangel St. Michael, you are the Champion of Righteousness and a Powerful Helper in Every Need. Help me Now to Protect and Defend me from Evil Spirits, Demons, and Enemies. Fight my dialy battles and drive away all that is bad in my life.
From $5.00