These special bags come prepared blessed and dressed for your purpose in mind. Each one contains special herbs, gems, roots, or powders for maximum power! They come with a FREE annointing oil and easy directions. Carry with you daily or keep in a safe sacred place. No one should ever touch YOUR mojo bag. Buy one for $9.95 or 2 for $17.00 - You may Mix and Match for Discount Prices!

Rev. Moses Success & Protection for Children bag

Gain financial success and educational success for children, and have the be protected from all danger and evil people.
From $8.50

Rev. Moses Super Magnet Drawing Power Bag

Draw whatever you desire and fast-money, love and luck.
From $8.50

Rev. Moses Uncrossing Bag

Get rid of all evil, jinx, and voodoo/witchcraft in or around you. Uncross any condition that is holding you back from true success and happiness. Be cleansed, uncrossed, and protected! Get rid of all evil, jinx, voodoo and witchcraft in or around your.
From $8.50