Rev. Moses Blessed Jewelry Collection

These pieces are favorites of Rev. Moses. He believes in these products to help you in all of your conditions! Beautiful Jewelry pieces will be able to help you attain all of what you've been wanting in life. All of the jewelry has been blessed by Rev. Moses. 

"Goode" Luck Necklace

NEVER BE BROKE AGAIN! This super charged money drawing charm comes from Brazil! The Money Pulling Powers will prevent you from ever going Broke! DRAW AND HOLD YOUR MONEY! Not only will this provide money but it will give you GOOD LUCK wherever you GO!
$12.95 $9.95

Alligator Eye Necklace

Draws Money and Luck! Loosens and Unblocks money that is tied up or owed to you. Never be broke again when you wear or carry this lucky Alligators Eye necklace!
From $7.99

Bat Eye Necklace

Carry or Wear this Bat's Eye Charm to scare away all evil - return it to where it came from. This necklace will give you the strength and courage to deafeat any unwanted things! Gives protection too!
From $7.99

Black Cat Eye Necklace

Gives you luck in a hurry! Wear or carry this Lucky Cat Necklace to pull money and luck to you - QUICK! Use it when gambling, taking a test, at work, lottery, casino and more! YOU CAN WIN TODAY!
From $7.99

Copper Bracelet

This sturdy Genuine Copper Bracelet gives Protection from Aches and Pains. (like Arthritis) It is also known for its spiritual power in keeping away evil and enemies. FEEL GOOD PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY WITH GOOD VIBRATIONS!
$15.00 $12.95

Crystal Dragon Claw Necklace

It's beleived to control others, stop evil, attract money, true love and much more. Be protected from bad influences and negative vibrations. Attract Power!
$21.95 $14.98

Double Action Reversible Necklace

This is a 2 in 1 jewlery piece. It turns back anything bad or evil and draws to you whatever you need and want! Get rid of the bad and get the good!
$15.00 $7.98

Extra Strong True Love Necklace

This necklace draws extra strong true love between you and your lover. Wear it so your lover finds you irresistible or use it top draw that special someone you have been wanting. Have your dreams come true!
From $11.00

Eye Of Horus Necklace

This is the most Powerful of Egyptian Amulets! The wearer is guaranteed to have Prosperity, Strength, and Universal Power in all things! Gives you Courage, Wisdom, and Psychic Powers to know what others are thinking! Be protected from evil and have Prosperity in Life!
$20.00 $8.99

Fiery Dragon Necklace

Let the power of the Fiery Dragon cast off and drive away all evil spirits, forces, and vibrations that have gotten inside you and your home. Smash and destroy all voodoo, hoodoo, witchcraft, hexes, curses, jinxes and more. Sleep well and have piece of mind!
From $10.00