Rev. Moses Triple Strength Fixed Candles

 These candles are already blessed, dressed and fixed, all you have to do is write down your wish or desire on a piece of parchment paper with a dove's blood ink pen (Parchment Paper item #M1001A priced at 1.00 each and Dove's Blood Ink Pen item #M1005 priced at $3.98 each) and place it underneath the candle as it burns. It is best to burn your candles at a quiet time when there are no interruptions. Burn everyday for at least 15 minutes a day. All fixed candles will burn for 100+ if burned continously for 7 days. 

High John The Conqueror/Controlling Triple Strength Fixed 7 Day Candle

Conquer your bad luck situations with Power and Control in Anything! Control and Conquer love, money, job situations, and more! Do not let others brings you down, turn your luck around!
From $13.50

Jackpot Casino Winner/Lucky Gamblers/Winning Number Triple Strength Fixed 7 Day Candle

Bring jackpots and winnings in any casino or gambling games. Kills any jinx on your luck so you can get on a Hot Winning Streak! Don't miss by one number anymore. WIN BIG! Be lucky so you can win again and again.
From $13.50

Jinx Removing/Road Opener/Block Buster Triple Strength Fixed 7 Day Candle

Break that jinx and unblock all problems! Clear your path to open roads now! Change your luck from bad to good. Bust through any blocksthat are holding you down so you can succeed and be happy.
From $13.50

Jinx Removing/Run Devil Run Triple Strength Fixed 7 Day Candle

Kill all jinx and bad luck spells, drive away evil, and make the Devil run, and have Satan be gone FOR GOOD!
From $13.50

Love Drawing Power/Come To Me/Desire Me Only Triple Strength Fixed 7 Day Candle

Makes you strong, attractive, and desirable to the opposite sex! Make your lover come to you and obey you too! Make your relationship stronger. Improve your sex life and make it strong! Also can be used to unite two people in marriage.
From $13.50

Miracle Healing Power/Destroy Addictions & Bad Habit Triple Strength Fixed 7 Day Candle

This candle helps beat any bad habits or addictions that are hard to break free from. This candle will give you or your loved one the will power to break any habit or addiction! Gain control of your life again!
From $13.50

Money Drawing/Emergency Pulling Power Triple Strength Fixed 7 Day Candle

Gain control over your finances! Works money miracles if you are poor or needy. Pulls money from any source so you may finally have the money you need and want. Live an easy comfortable life!
From $13.50

Rev. Moses Lucky Lottery Blessed/Dressed/Fixed Candle

You now have a chance to win millions when you burn this candle. Dressed, Blessed and Prepared for You by Reverend Moses. Comes with Easy Directions. For Extra Strength, You can Purchase the following: X1308 - Lucky Lottery Oil - $4.50ea. D3570 - Lucky Lottery Incense - $5.00

Reversible/Turn Back All Evil/Keep Away Enemies Triple Strength Fixed 7 Day Candle

Send back and turn back all evil, harm and bad luck to wherever or whoever it came from. Keeps all evil and enemies away so that you are safe! NO MORE PROBLEMS!
From $13.50

Road Opener Triple Strength Fixed 7-Day Candle

Break that jinx and un-block all problems! Open your life road to money, love, job, freedom from jinxes and evil. Clear the path to Open your Roads. Change you luck from bad to good, now. Don't be tired, lonely, down or confused anymore. Busts through any block holding or keeping you down!
From $13.50