Rev. Moses Lucky Items

"Cat's Eye" Money Ring

To Draw Money Fast! Are you getting by? No money for bills? Missing that big money by one number all the time? If so, then try this solid green cat's eye gemstone money "magnet" ring today - to help you with whatever money problems you have. Buy 1 and Get 1 Free!

Destroy Everything (EVIL) Bracelet

Wear to help you Destroy All evil, bad luck, curses & spells, voodoo & witchcraft, aches & pains, money problems, love problems, addictions & bad habits.
$19.95 $12.95

Dragon's Blood Soap

Use daily to Destroy all evil, bad luck, curses, jinxes and witchcraft. Breaks all spells and makes the devil run. Mild cleaning soap with beautiful scent - but powerful!
From $5.49

Money Magnet Stones

Super-Charged & Magnetized! To "Pull" and "Draw" the money you so richly deserve, need and want. You get 1 pair of Magnetic Stones, a Carrying Bag and a bottle of Money Magnet Oil to anoint your stones. Carry the stones in purse or pocket or keep near money - so it can multiply.

Rev. Moses Hand Picked Money Buddha Statue

This little Buddha can sit anywhere in your home to draw lot's of money to you. Rub the Buddha's belly and rub your money worries away, so you're never broke and always have money! The buddha has money power and pulls like a magnet so you can have all the things you need and want! *PLEASE NOTE: THAT ALL BUDDAS ARE GREEN BUT SOME COME POSITIONED DIFFERENTLY, BUT DO NOT WORRY FOR THE POWER OF THE BUDDAH WILL NEVER CHANGE. JUST RUB THE BELLY OF THE BUDDAH TO OBTAIN THE RICHES YOU DESIRE! *
$15.00 $7.98

Rev. Moses Lucky Green Rice

Sprinkle in the corners of every room in your home, car, job, church or place of business. This lucky green rice will draw money to your pockets, customers to your business, and crowds to your church!
From $5.00

Rev. Moses Lucky Hand Bag

This powerful bag is sure to bring good fortune in all situations. Helps to draw luck in all gambling and casino games, and can draw money to you to solve all of your financial worries.
$24.95 $15.99

Reverse the Curse Powerful Laundry Detergent

Powerful Laundry Detergent - Wash away that evil mess!! Feel Cleansed, Pure & Protected! Any spell or curse on you will be turned back. The evil will go away & be returned to the sender/enemy who sent it to you. Your bad luck will disappear, because your Jinx will be Gone! Instructions included.
From $9.95

RM Blessed Healing Jerusalem Cloth

This blessed cloth gives your body and mind relief from pain and aches and brings your spirits up if you are feeling down.

Sandalwood (Money) Bracelet

This Scented Bracelet with Gold "tail" is a powerful Money Puller! And brings Luck in a Hurry, when playing any numbers or gambling game. Indian legend says this is good for Health, Wealth & Prosperity.