A Lucky Carrying Bag and Blessed Anointing Oil comes FREE with every stone. "Ask and Ye Shall Receive." Wishing Instructions Included.
A Wishing Pack Cosists of:
One Wishing Stone for your Desires or Conditions.
One Wishing Oil and Lucky Carrying Bag.


CLEARANCE: Rev. Moses Conquer All Wishing Stone

This Amethyst Stone helps you conquer all problems and conditions. Use it often and watch your problems disappear!
$11.98 $3.99

CLEARANCE: Rev. Moses Court Case Wishing Stone

Carry this stone to be favored in court against any judge or jury. This stone will aid in giving you the victory you justly deserve.
$11.98 $3.99

CLEARANCE: Rev. Moses Jinx Be Gone Wishing Stone

Carry this stone if you are tired of being down on your luck? This stone is believed to remove any jinx or hex when carried or placed in a safe place in your home.
$11.98 $3.99

CLEARANCE: Rev. Moses Miracle Wishing Stone

Carry this stone to have a very important miracle come to you when you need it the most. Carry this stone with you or place in a safe place in your home, place of business or even your dorm room. The more you carry the stone, the more powerful it will become!
$11.98 $3.99

CLEARANCE: Rev. Moses Protection Wishing Stone

Carry this stone to be protected from all evil and harm. This stone will shield you from all negative vibrations! Be protected always!
$11.98 $3.99

CLEARANCE: Rev. Moses Strong Love Wishing Stone

Have your lover have eyes for You and You Only. Draw that special someone to become your partner for life.
$11.98 $3.99