Rev. Moses Powerful Seven Day Bayberry Candle Kit

Bayberry Votive Candles Burned to the Socket, Bring Luck to the Home, And Gold to the Pocket. You will received fast luck for your life all year round and will help you to win at any numbers game as well.
SKU: K3142

This Powerful Bayberry Candle Kit will fill your home and life up with the the most unexpected Luck you never imagined, you could possible have. This Bayberry Kit will unlock and remove anything that you may feel, that can be a negative energy or blocking you from doing the things want to do or you should be doing. You will received fast luck all year round and will help you to win at any numbers game as well. Burn the Seven Day Bayberry Votive Candle Kit Now! These votive candles will bring to you Fast Luck, Prosperity and Special Blessings all year round. 


Bayberry Candles, Burned to the Socket.  Bring Luck to the Home and Gold to the Pocket.

Change your luck fast!
Draw Luck and Money
Win at any numbers game

This kits comes with the following:
 Seven Bayberry Votive Candles
One Glass Votive Holder
One Rev. Moses 100% Pure Bayberry Oil (X4120)
One Dove's Blood Ink Pen (M1005)
Seven Square Pieces of Parchment Paper (2x2)

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