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Are you or a loved one in need of prayer? Everyone needs some help at some time, and there is no more powerful way to seek the wisdom and blessings of the Almighty than to have prayers said for your needs.

Our Rev. Moses prayer packages are among our most popular services. Simply choose from a variety of conditions below or tell us your special needs, and we will be sure that Rev. Moses will include your prayer request for the amount of time you desire.

Whether you are seeking employment, have pain and suffering, are seeking love, or have a special someone with a condition including jinxes or money problems, you can have Rev. Moses pray to have your wish come true.

Plus, with your prayer request, you will receive additional products including perfume, a seal of protection, and, in some cases, a lucky mojo bag!

We do not offer free postage & handling for Rev. Moses Prayer Requests. However, we will email you Rev. Moses Blessed Prayer and a Special Prayer for your condition, as well as put you on our Wall of Prayer. Please email us at, if you have any questions.

Choose the right prayer package for you!

Feel free to attach a picture of whom you wish us to pray for, we will add it to the Wall of Prayer!

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