Rev. Moses Special Blessed Oils

Special and Extra Potent Oils by Rev. Moses. These titles have been specially designed with your purpose in mind. Use them to conquer your difficult situations and to be blessed. Get what you want, fast!  

Rev Moses Horn Of Plenty Oil

Rev. Moses Horn of Plenty Oil comes with special money drawing roots to give you plenty of cash that you so desperately need. It is also good for drawing people to your business or church. Be prosperous and live an easy life!
$19.95 $7.98

Rev. Moses Blessed Oil

Draws money, stops confusion, and evil
From $6.65

Rev. Moses Blessed Spiritual Oil

This oil is personally put together by Rev. Moses and is used to give the user relief from confusion, or to break any spells or curses while bringing you financial rewards.
From $4.50

Rev. Moses Extra Strong Money Drawing

This perfume is for men and women who wish to pull quick money. This will draw money to you from any source, and you will soon be living an easy life!
$7.98 $6.95

Rev. Moses extra strong Money Drawing Oil

With this oil you will have the power to be richer, luckier, and happier than you have ever been! Use this everyday on your neck and wrists to draw money your way. Enjoy the Good life!
$19.95 $6.95

Rev. Moses Most Powerful SPIRITUAL HEALING OIL

Promotes spiritual healing by clearing your mind and giving you peace and serenity. Feel Cleansed and refreshed with a powerful new, happy and joyous spirit!
$25.00 $19.95

Rev. Moses Special Release Extra Strength

Rev. Moses has been giving this special blessing to church goers all over Chicago for over 50 years. This perfume has great success, it releases money, and luck for happiness and good health. At the same time it unblocks any evil forces that are holding you down. Suffer no more!
From $5.00

Rev. Moses Special Spiritual Oil

This mixture of oils will bring the user anything they desire. Rub the oil in your hands and say your wish or desire and Rev. Moses will be praying with you!
From $4.50