Road Opener Kit

Unblock all problems! Money, Love, Job. Change your luck now! Change your life path and receive the success and luck you deserve.
SKU: K1504

This kit is great and effective at breaking blocks and removing barrels that may be blocking your path to greatness or  hold you down. Use this kit and open the roads to many possibilities! Unblock all Problems in you life! Money, Love, Job or Evil. Clear the Path to your road and have success and luck come into your life!

This Kit comes with the following:

One Orange Jumbo Candle  (C1004)
One Jumbo Candle Holder (M1025)
One 8oz Bottle of Road opener Bath & Floor Wash (A1024)
One 1/2oz Bottle of Road Opener Oil (X1437)
One Small Bottle of Road Opener Powder, (P1117)
One 2oz Jinx Removing/ Run Devil Run Pump Spray, (D4308) 
One 4oz can of Extra Strong Unblocking Incense (D1099)
One Master Key Seal of Good Fortune, (J300X)
Free Orange Carrying Bag (M1053)

And easy to follow instructions.

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