Rose of Good Fortune Potion

Powerful liquid used in churches to drive away evil spirits. Also, has amazing cleansing powers when applied to the body. Gives the wearer Spiritual power and guidance- especially in love matters.
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This sweet smelling powerful liquid potion is used to Turn Back and Drive Away all evil spirits from you- especially if you feel possessed or crossed up by a spell or a curse. This liquid also has wonderful Cleansing Powers when you bathe with it or anoint your pulse points- wrist, neck, and behind the knees. Lastly, Rose Water brings amazing clarity and Spiritual power and guidance when you do not know what to do in certain situations or when you have problems that are difficult to solve- Especially in the area of love troubles, this Rose Water can help "sweeten and soften" the situation, so it goes in your favor, and you get the result that you desire.

You may use this Rose Liquid Potion on your body, in your bath water or mop water, or you may sprinkle this in your home in all rooms -stating your wish and deisre beforehand or while sprinkling--quietly to yourself. Concentrate on your desires and you will receive God's blessings and get the results you wish for, it is said. 4oz. bottle.

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