Have one of our Religious Statues in your home, place of business or even at your desk at your dorm. Feel empowered and protected when you have on of your favorite religious figure statues near by. Each Statue can stand up to 4 inches tall.

St Anthony

St. Anthony , the Catholic patron saint of lost items, the poor and travelers.
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St Barbara Mini Statue

She is also traditionally the patron of armourers, military engineers, gunsmiths, miners and anyone else who worked with cannon and explosives. She is venerated by every Catholic who faces the danger of sudden and violent death in work.
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St Christopher

Patron saint for travellers, be protected when travelling to work, on vacation, or when on a personal voyage.
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Saint Anthony 4 inch Statue

Saint Anthony is the patron saint of lost items. People pray to Saint Anthony to help them get back something that they have lost in their life. Let your heart be full of joy when you look at him on your desk at work, or in your home. Never feel lost again when Saint Anthony is near by.

Saint Barbara 4 inch Statue

Saint Barbara is the patron Saint of artillerymen. Saint Barbara is often carried by soldiers for protection. Catholics venerate Saint Barbara who face the danger of sudden or violent death. She is even venerated in the Santeria culture, where she is seen as Yansan the Orisha of wind and storms.

Saint Christopher 4 Inch Statue

Legend has it that St. Christopher helped to carry Christ child across a river, when St. Christopher picked up the Christ child he felt how heavy he was, and the Christ child was heavy due to carrying the world on his shoulders.

Holy Family 4 inch Statue

The holy family is the standard that all families must strive for. The holy family statue serves as a reminder to follow the examples of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, to create a family unit of wholesomeness, prosperity, respect and love for one another. This is the perfect religious statue for you home, your dorm room or even your place of business.

Saint Joseph 4 Inch Statue

Saint Joseph is known to help those who need help selling their homes or other property they own. Bury this statue in the front yard of the property you wish to sell and pray to Saint Joseph and he will bring a buyer to you - sell it fast and for a good price! Once you sell the property you may dig it up and keep in your new home for blessings and good luck.

Saint Jude 4 Inch Statue

St. Jude the patron saint of lost causes and desperate situations. St. Jude has been there for people that have lost everything, that have nothing anymore. St. Jude comes into your life, to fill up with an abundance of health, prosperity, peacefulness and plenty of love. Never feel alone when a St. Jude statue is near by.

Saint Lazarus 4 Inch Statue

St. Lazarus was good friends with Jesus Christ,that when Lazarus died for the second time, Jesus brought him back to life. Lazarus rose from his tomb to spread the gospel of Christ all through out Jerusalem, to anyone that would listen. Later in his life, St. Lazarus became the Patron Saint for the Poor and Sick. Never feel alone when St. Lazarus is nearby.