Sex/Nature Incense Cones

Feel that sex drive again with vigor and energy! Get him or her in the mood and have hot passionate sex!

Burn the Sex/Nature Incense cones to get your nature to rise and your sexual hot appetite fulfilled. Get your sex drive in the right gear. Burning 2-3 cones your hormones will have you feeling sexually young, and full of energy! Get him or her in the mood to want to have hot passionate invigorating sex!

1 Pack (20 cones) $5.00each
3 Packs (20 cones) $13.50
1/2 lb bag (aprox. 170 cones) $14.95

Sex/Nature Incense Cones 1 Pack (20 Incense Cones)
SKU: D1626
Sex/Nature Incense Cones 1/2 lb Bag (aprox. 170 Incense Cones)
SKU: D1626B
Sex/Nature Incense Cones 3 Packs for 13.50 (20 Incense Cones)
SKU: D1626D