This Special Holy Blessed Candle Dressing & High Altar Oil can be used to bless all your high altar items.
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This Potent mix of ancient , bliblical oils including Frankincense, Myrrh, Pure Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Cinnamon & Calamus, Cassia and Goldleaf & Hydrangea are the BEST BLESSING OILS you can have for ALL your religious and sacred items - including your candles & candle holders, Bible, altar, incense , mojo bags or ANY ITEM you deem to be precious and spiritually significant to you. You will have a Spiritual Comfort & Satisfacation never felt before!

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New Orleans Root of Life Oil

This oil is used by Spiritualists, Ministers, Reverends, High Priests and Medicine Men all over the world - now you can use it too! This ALL PURPOSE POWERFUL OIL when anointed on your body, sprinkled on your money, or put on your doorsteps - is believed to drive away evil spirits, AND bring fast luck, success and money blessings to you. Many also claim that this oil has the Secret Power to Attract the Person of Your Desire! Get him or her NOW! This oil is the Root of Life adn the Secret to Life's Happiness.