Spiritual Cleansing : A Handbook of Psychic Protection

This is a pychic's first aid in getting rid of negative energy and bad vibes from anyone, anything or anywhere! It shows you how to use incense, herbs, spices and oils to improve your situations and coditions. Cleanse yoursef of all jinx and bad luck!
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Spiritual Cleansing - A Handbook of Psychic Protection by Draja Mickaharic: This bestselling Weiser classic is a spiritual first aid manual filled with hundreds of recipes, rituals, and practical ways to rid your home, office, and self of negative energy. Spiritual Cleansing, now in a new paperback edition, is a guide for anyone who wants to keep their lives and their environment spiritually clean and protected. Everyone, at one time or another, has met an individual who appears surrounded with negativity, or has visited a place that seems imbued with "bad vibrations." Removing these negative vibrations is what spiritual cleansing is all about. 128 Pages

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