Spiritual Development for Beginners

A Simple Guide to Leading a Purpose-Filled Life.
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Warm Wisdom and simple practices for leading a purpose-filled life. 

Emphasizing spiritual growth as both a universal and personal journey, Richard and Jan Potter offer knowledgeable insight, friendy guidance and an array of practices from a variety of spiritual traditions to help you forge your own unique path to spirituality. 

Spiritual Development for Beginners includes a compelling firsthand stories and proven techniques such as meditation, prayer and dram work to help you awaken your spiritual consciousness. It presents a highly personalized and enjoyable framework for developing your own spirituality using the techniques of shamanism, the sacredness of nature, and the wisdom of your aura and chakra system. 

Warm and wise, this book offers several different ways to incorporate spirituality into your everyday life and discover a true sense of joy, purpose, and meaning. 

Professors Richard and Jan Potter are married and have taught at Dana College in Nebraska for over twenty years. Long-time students of the world's great spiritual traditions and trained in the Sufi Order of the West, a universalist esoteric school, they have led spiritual development workshops and seminars. 

253 Pages 

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