Use the legendary POWER of HERBS and ROOTS to help yourself and be TRULY BLESSED. We feel that your body and soul can benefit by using OUR HERBS - FRESH and PURE. It is believed by many people that herbs and roots can do special things when used in certain situations and when used in certain ways. Herbs and Roots have been used for centuries for various reasons including healing, power, magic, and more! We offer over 300 herbs and roots - special for your conditions and situations - CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE FOR YOU and USE HERBS and ROOTS, NOW! Many Herbs and Roots work faster and last longer when they are carried in Blessed Bags. We also offer many Blessed Carrying Bags - in Many Colors. For more information and ideas on Herbs and Roots you may want to order a book on that subject. Order B1456 Modern Herbal Spellbook or B1188 Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs. These Herbs and Roots are not to be taken internally. They are not sold as medicine - they are offered as a curio only.

Bay Leaves

Place them near the property you desire to make it your new home. Soon that house/apartment will be yours!
From $4.32

Bayberry Leaves

Sprinkle in purse or wallet to WIN BIG MONEY!!!
From $4.32

Bears Weed

Rub on soles of shoes to help find your true love.
From $4.32


Burn as incense to bless your home and keep the devil away. Very Powerful. (Needs Charcoal to burn. NO. M1020-$2.50)
From $4.32

Beth Root

Carry with you for Power and Control. No one will ever know you have a secret weapon.
From $4.32

Betony Herb

To be burned with uncrossing incense to defeat any form of witchcraft.
From $4.32

Bitter Buttons

Carry in purse or pocket to increase wisdom and understanding.
From $4.32

Black Cat Bone

Black Cat Bone is great to use for fast luck and gambling at the casino or while you play any game of chance. It is known that The Black Cat Bone is also great for Driving Away Evil from your home and stopping Bad Luck from taking over your life!

Black Mustard Seed

Sprinkle some outside your front door three days in a row, and watch your enemies, the devil and evil spirits run away.
From $4.32

Blackberry Herb

To cause two lovers problems, scatter in their path to break them up.
From $4.32

Blow Ball

Put some in a red flannel bag and carry on you at BINGO to WIN!
From $4.32

Blue Balls (Squares)

Carry or add to bath to cleanse body, kill jinx and get evil out of you.
From $4.32

Blue Vervain

Pour in bath water to calm nerves and rest easy.
From $4.32

Boneset Herb

Use Boneset Herb to return a curse or any hex. Burn some as incense in a small dish or one of our many incense burners.
From $4.32

Buckeye Herb

Carry in a green bag to cure arthritis or to win big at jackpots!
From $4.32

Buckeye Root

All roots come with a FREE CARRYING BAG and INSTRUCTIONS. These powerful natural roots help get rid of unnatural conditions. Roots can be carried easily, so no one knows that they're working for you. It's your secret ONLY! Reverends, ministers and root workers swear by the power and effectivness of the extra strong old-time roots.
$7.98 $4.99

BuckThorne Herb

Sprinkle all around house to help you sell it.
From $4.32


Put in pillow to improve your mind and have good health.
From $4.32


Place under mattress for good dreams and visions.
From $4.32

Canada Snake Root

To Restore a males vigor and nature. Pour in bath once a week.
From $4.32

Cascara Sagrada

Sprinkle in your bedroom to REMOVE ALL JINX on you.
From $4.32

Catnip Herb

Sprinkle in bath water for courage in anything you do.
From $4.32


Sprinkle in persons room, whomever you want to move out for good.
From $4.32


Sprinkle under any sink in the house, and it is said you will increase your psychic ability.
From $4.32

Chamomile Herb

Put in mojo bag or put some in your shoes for BIG WINNINGS
From $4.32

Chew John Root

Carry for FAST LUCK in anything-Lottery or Gambling games, job, money or family problems. financial
From $2.49

Cinnamon Powder

Burn in bedroom to "DRAW LOVE" to you, whoever you desire.
From $4.32

Cinquefoil Herb

Add to bath to remove any jinx or evil that's inside you. Helps get it out of you quick.
From $4.32

Cleavers Herb

Sprinkle around business or home to draw money.
From $4.32

Clover Herb

Carry for good luck and to turn bad luck around.
From $4.32