Use the legendary POWER of HERBS and ROOTS to help yourself and be TRULY BLESSED. We feel that your body and soul can benefit by using OUR HERBS - FRESH and PURE. It is believed by many people that herbs and roots can do special things when used in certain situations and when used in certain ways. Herbs and Roots have been used for centuries for various reasons including healing, power, magic, and more! We offer over 300 herbs and roots - special for your conditions and situations - CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE FOR YOU and USE HERBS and ROOTS, NOW! Many Herbs and Roots work faster and last longer when they are carried in Blessed Bags. We also offer many Blessed Carrying Bags - in Many Colors. For more information and ideas on Herbs and Roots you may want to order a book on that subject. Order B1456 Modern Herbal Spellbook or B1188 Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs. These Herbs and Roots are not to be taken internally. They are not sold as medicine - they are offered as a curio only.

Yellow Dock

Sprinkle in bath water for FAST MONEY DRAWING and QUICK LUCK!
From $4.32

Yerba Mate

Rub the herb on your hands and then touch your loved one right after and this will bring good times and strong love.
From $4.32

Yarrow Flower

Sprinkle across the threshold of you home to keep out evil influences and evil spirits; to bring protection to you and your home. Or carry in pocket or purse to reverse evil forces, hexes, spells or any witchcraft.
From $4.32

Salt Peter

If you are nervous or upset, sprinkle in bath water. Use to get rid of evil spirits and evil doers and give you peace of mind.
From $4.32