These delightful smelling sprays will surround your environment with the Positive Spiritual Energy that is needed to Break Down whatever Forces are holding you down. So you can be able to fix any problem, condition or situation that you are in! 

Highly Concentrated! Kills any and All (evil) odors fast! Just mix it with water as it cleans, deodorizes and disinfects. Use in your car, home or workplace, or as a scented air freshener. Comes with directions.

2 oz Pump Spray Bottle $5.95

8 oz Refill Bottle - $12.95.

Better Business/Bring Customers

Use this powerful spray to bring better business and customers to your store and draw big money!
$10.00 $5.95

Cleansing Uncrossing

Helps you get rid of any un-wanted conditions inside your body. Cleans body and soul and Clears the mind. Moves Out evil forces surrounding you or inside you. Protects you from all evil and enemies.
From $5.95

Come To Me/Love Me Only

You can have that Special Drawing Power that you've always wanted. Draw your, husband, special friend, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend close to you & hold them. Make them stop running around & love you only.
From $5.95

Controlling/Do As I Say

You will have the power and control after using this spray - no one else. Make others (your mate, lover, children, co-workers, friends, or anyone) obey you and do as you say.
From $5.95

Fast Luck/Money Drawing

Is your luck bad? Is your money blocked or tight? Use this spray to Get Good Luck in a Hurry! And to Draw Money to you Quick - from and source, any old way. Pay off your bills and finally buy what you need and want!
From $5.95

Jinx Removing/Run Devil Run

Use this spray to make the devil run away as fast as he can! Make the evil that is around you and your environment leave your life fast!
From $5.95

Law Stay Away

Too much trouble with the police and the courts? Lawyers harassing you? You need a Break-through to get these annoying people off your back. Get Justice now! Keep the law away from you and stop them from bothering you for good, soon!
From $5.95

Lucky Gamblers/Jackpot

Hit that Jackpot and be a winner today! Get on a Hot Streak real soon - in any gambling or casino spray.Hit that winning Number in the Lottery and get rich quick!
From $5.95

Sage Cleansing Spray

This spray will Purify and Cleanse your home, car, or surroundings with sacred power. Moves out and forces out any and all negative vibrations so you will feel Cleansed, Protected and Free of all Evil. You will feel refreshed and able to overcome all mental and physic problems within you. Cleans out your body and soul and Clears the mind. Feel good, again! Only $6.95 [2oz. pump spray]
From $6.95

Spell & Curse Breaker

This spray breaks any spell or curse placed on you by "so-called" friends or loved ones, by your enemies, by dead relatives or emenies, by neighbors or co-workers-anyone! Kills Voodoo, witchcraft or any evil spell, quickly!
From $5.95

Turn Back/Reverse Evil

Stops, kills, destroys all evil, jinx or cross conditions on or near you. Send back evil to whoever sent it to you! Protect yourself now and reverse that voodoo & black magic so your jealous enemies leave you alone.
From $5.95

Voodoo Buster Spray

Spray in your home or car or near front and back doors to destroy and kill any witchcraft, voodoo, spells, hex, jinx or curse placed on you by your enemies. You will be protected from all evil. Bust thru any blocks holding you down. Get good luck, fast!
From $5.95

Double Good Luck Spray

Have double the good luck you deserve! Spray on you, your clothes, in your car, Or in your home to Draw and Magnetize all Good Luck forces and vibrations and Pull them your way; so you can get money and keep it! Double good luck for Any game of chance; cards, lottery, dice, bingo or any casino games- Hit that jackpot and be a winner today! Spray and clean out all the bad luck and jinx, now! Only $9.95 [2oz. pump spray]
$9.95 $5.99

Honey of Love Spray

Spray on your wrists, neck, navel area or inner thighs to get the person you want, whenever you are around them. This powerful Seduction spray will help influence the person of your desires- so they want to be passionate and sexy with you and give you good love. Sweeten them up, so that you will create a strong bond- mentally and physically- with the person who you want to be with. Get the affection, admiration and respect that you so deserve! Only $9.95 [2oz. pump spray]

Come To Me Spray

Spray on your chest, neck, or navel area if you are going to be near the person you desire. This will have great drawing powers and make them come close to you. Good for attracting and drawing lovers, ex-husbands or boyfriends or anyone you want to have a loving and sexual relationship with. You may also spray on your clothes or in your bedroom to have the same powerful drawing effect, if you cannot spray on your body directly. You will be a drawing power magnet! Only $9.95 [2oz. pump spray]

Destructor Black (Destructor Negro)

Destroys all curses, hatred, jealousy, spells—anything “black”, dark or evil.
$15.00 $9.95

Guardian Angel (Angel De La Guarda) Spray

O Angel of God, Guide and Protect me, so I stay healthy, strong and free of all evil, harm, accidents and suffering.
$15.00 $9.95

Intranquil (Intranquilo) Spray

Use this spray on your body or in home as part of a controlling love spell to force a lover of yours to return to you. Say your lovers name 3 times and silently say your wish before spraying. The vibrations you give off will make your lover feel so restless or “intranquil” that he/she will be compelled to come back to you with respect and devotion.
$15.00 $9.95

Mr. Money (Don Juan del Dinero) Spray

Bring Money and Riches and Winning Numbers to you quick! Hit that jackpot, soon. Are you not tired of missing by one number or not having enough money to pay bills?
$15.00 $9.95

Reversible Spray

Turn back and Send back all evil, hex, jinx and curses to your enemies or wherever it came from.
$15.00 $9.95

Road Opener (Abre Caminos) Spray

Un-blocks and Busts thru any conditions or problems so you can have an open road to Health, Wealth & Prosperity.
$15.00 $9.95

Tranquil (Tranquilo) Spray

Spray where on you or where you want the atmosphere to be calm and relaxed. Or before you will see an angry enemy or lover of yours, so this will calm them down and make them less aggressive.
$15.00 $9.95

23rd Psalm (Salmo 23) Spray

Spray for Relief of pain and suffering and relief from want. Calm the mind and soothe the soul with this spiritual spray. Walk the good path with the Lord and do right by Him.
$15.00 $9.95

Cast Off Evil Spray

Removes jinx, evil and all spells that are distracting you or holding you back.