November Spotlight: New Products

Give these popular brand NEW items a try, today! Whether you want to destroy everything evil and bad that surrounds you, or carry a black african mojo bean for Good Luck, or try our new Money Ink for all your prayers and petitions to place underneath your burning candle, Or if you want to carry our very powerful Witch's Stone to get rid of all spells and curses on you, OR if you want to wear our special Black Gold Money Perfume to help Pull some Quick Cash and help you WIN some money--Any and all of these products can work for you and help you achieve your desires! All our products are powerful, blessed and know to be highly effective.

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Black African Mojo Bean

This powerful mojo bean has been used with great success to draw money blessings and fast luck in all situations. The color and smell of the bean gets rid of all evil spirits, jinxes, spells, and in turn gives you power and protection.
From $4.32

Black Gold/Money Triple Strength Perfume

Wear this powerful perfumed oil (Unisex) daily to destroy all money blocks or any forces keeping you from winning, drawing or holding onto your money.
$25.00 $19.95

Destroy Everything 100% Pure Oil

Move evil away from you and your home forever. Drive away all evil spirits and be protected from any negativity, harm and jealousy.
From $7.98

Destroy Everything Incense

Move evil away from you and your home forever. Drive away all evil spirits and be protected from any negativity, harm and jealousy. The Destroy Everything Incense will kill hexes or curse put on you and it will destroy witchcraft or Voodoo too. Remove all spells and keep them off!
From $6.95

Destroy Everything Triple XXX Strength Spiritual Water

Using this spiritual water will have you Destroy Everything that is holding you down. Removes curses, spells and all evil from you and your surroundings.
$15.00 $8.95

Destroys Everything 7 Day Candle

Burn the Destroys Everything candle to get of all evil intentions towards you, your family, place of business and even your home. This candle will get rid of all the evil that wants to bind itself to you.
From $9.95

Destroys Witchcraft (Spells) Perfume

Specially handcrafted perfume designed to destroy or remove any kind of hex, curse, spell, jinx, witchcraft or voodoo that threatens to hurt you.
$20.00 $9.95

Money Blessing Ink

1 oz Bottle. Write your special wish, desire or request to the Lord when praying for anything you need or want - for money, luck in gambling, court, job matters - any situation where you need money!
$8.95 $4.98

Witch's Stone

This powerful stone is used to destroy and protect you against witchcraft, curses, jinx, and all other voodoo or hoodoo spells. Do not be controlled by the bad intention of others. Break free from evil and protect yourself with the power of the Witch's Stone! Comes with a free Stop Evil Oil and Blessed Carrying Bag. Easy instructions.
$15.95 $9.95