St. Christopher Medal Necklace

Wear this necklace or buy it for your children to protect them. St. Christopher is the Saint for Protection. He will protect you and your children against evil, enemies, accidents, and bad influences. It is good to keep in the car for travelers. Comes with 24 inch chain
SKU: J2322

ST. CHRISTOPHER MEDAL PROTECTS AGINST EVERYTHING! Wear this beautiful St. Christopher necklace or buy it for your children to protect them.

St. Christopher is the Protection Saint. Provides Protection against evil, enemies, accidents and bad influences. Also good to keep in the car as it protects anyone who travels.

Good for all family members. Comes with 24" gold chain.

This piece is blessed and recommended by Rev. Moses. It carries a lot of strength and provides great results to the people who wear or carry it.

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