Success For Children Kit

This kit will ensure a successful child. Use it to make sure your child or grandchild excels in school, tests, and in everyday life. He or she will be successful and wise every step of the way!
SKU: K1518

This Kit helps children to be respectful of  adults and their elders, obey parents, pasts tests at school to get better grades. This kit also helps to keep children and teenagers from running the streets, stay away from bad influences and stay away from drugs and or alcohol. It will also help to keep teenagers to stay away from gangs and the violence associated with gangs.
Your child or teenager will become successful when this kit is worked in their name.

This kit comes with the following:
One Success for children oil
One Success Powder
One King Solomon Root
One Green Carrying Bag
One Gold Votive Candle
One Glass Candle Holder
Parchment Paper
One Dove's blood ink pen
and easy to follow directions and instructions.

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