Use these SUPER-CHARGED ROOTS and ITEMS from the EARTH! See the powerful results they bring you today!

These powerful, rare roots andherbs come from the all-natural earth. Roots and Herbs can be carried in your pocket, purse, wallet or hidden in a secret place, where no one knows they are working for you. 

Reverends, Ministers, Root workers, and Spiritual Advisors swear by the power and effectiveness of these extra-strong old-time roots and herbs - which get rid of any Un-natural conditions, spells or jinx on you.



Big John Chew Root

Carry or store in your pocket, purse or bedroom to conquer and control any difficult problems or enemies. also good for removing jinx and blocks to help you get that job you desire.
From $6.65

Black African Mojo Bean

This powerful mojo bean has been used with great success to draw money blessings and fast luck in all situations. The color and smell of the bean gets rid of all evil spirits, jinxes, spells, and in turn gives you power and protection.
From $4.32

Destroy Everything (Evil) Roots

Be Cleansed and Protected from: Evil and evil spirits, voodoo and witchcraft, bad luck, misery and suffering, curses and spells, jinxes and hex, aches, pains and suffering, money and debt problems, all addictions and bad habits.

Eye of the Beast Root Power & Protection

Conquer, Control and have Supreme Power over all your problems, conditions, and negative situations. Bad Luck - be gone! BE safe and protected from all harm, danger, evil, and jealousy. Kills any jinx holding you down and Opens roads. Your will is God's will. God will protect you so you an Conquer All & Get what you want!

Fixed Lucky Nutmeg

This Lucky Nutmeg is the most powerful money drawing root anywhere! Bring cash fast and gambling winnings quick! It is blessed, fixed, and dressed so you can WIN! It has triple distilled Mercury inside for extra power and its sealed with green wax so it stays lucky! Wrap your money around this nutmeg for LUCK IN A HURRY!
$15.00 $8.95

Grains of Paradise Seeds

*Also called Guinea Peppers* Keeps your man or woman from cheating and lying to you! Comes with easy instructions, red flannel bag, parchment paper, and a specail ink pen.

High John the Conqueror Extra Large Root (Jumbo)

This Super Jumbo High John the Conqueror Root is said to bring about Good Luck and Draw Money. It lets you Conquer ALL Your Conditions; Helps Drive Away Evil & Jinx.

Job Tears

These famous tears also known as David's or Mother Mary's tears give the carrier relief from pain and sufferings. Have protection all the time when you are carrying them. *Comes with FREE LUCKY CARRYING BAG*

Mate Roots

Bind your loved one (the person you desire) - Husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or anyone who you wish to keep close to you. Use these powerful roots to build a strong, tight-knit bond between you and the person you want - so nothing comes between you!

Patchouli Love Roots

*Comes with Red Flannel Bag* These potent and highly charged roots are the original mojo power love roots that solve any love problem, condition, or situation. Carry these roots in the red flannel bag provided to keep in your bedroom,to keep your love strong and bind your lover closer.
$18.95 $12.95

Powerful Garlic Dust

Carry this in your wallet, purse, pocket, or keep in drawers at home to protect you and your family against all evil, harm, curses, or jealousy. Be protected from your enemies and evil spirits trying to hurt you. Sprinkle some in 4 corners of your bedrooms to be protected always. *Comes with free carrying bag and easy directions*

Quick Money Herb

Carry in your purse or pocket or sprinkle it near or outside your doorway to draw money fast. Helps brings money from any way possible.
From $6.65

Rose Of Jericho

The divine plant for PEACE, POWER, AND PROSPERITY. This plant gives strength, health, happiness, comfort, luck and peace.
From $6.95

Swallow's Heart

All roots come with a FREE CARRYING BAG and INSTRUCTIONS. These powerful natural roots help get rid of unnatural conditions. Roots can be carried easily, so no one knows that they're working for you. It's your secret ONLY! Reverends, ministers and root workers swear by the power and effectivness of the extra strong old-time roots.
$12.95 $7.98

Triple Strength Lucky Gamblers Root

If you are tired of missing the jackpot by one number then you need this root to WIN real SOON and get on a hot streak fast! HIT THE JACKPOTS AGAIN AND AGAIN AND NEVER HAVE MONEY PROBLEMS AGAIN! Have an easy life! *Comes with free lucky oil to anoint your root, and a green carrying bag with instructions inside.*

Bat's Eye

Keeps all evil and enemies away. Makes the devil run!
$20.00 $12.95