Survey Results

We've been blessed to have served thousands of satisfied customers, helping them achieve their goals. But, don't take our word for it. We've had hundreds of people participate in our survey, and, as you can see in the graphic above, the results are very positive! You can trust that our experts will help you to get the products you want when you need them. 

Below, you can read some of the many comments we get from our customers frequently. We'd love to hear from you too! Feel free to participate in our survey, or contact us today with your questions or comments!


I am always pleased with the service I have received!




I love the products!

I ordered and will order from you all again.


I love the products!

I have gotten excellent results this past year. Thank you all for great products that change people's lives for good! 



A friend who is local to your store referred me to your website. 

I have recommended your site over the years since it is virtually a magic superstore. I've never had any issues or had to call on the telephone. Great service, Thank you.



I love this company!

Please don't ever close or I don't know what I would do!



Thank you, I love shopping with LuckShop.








Hi Samantha, you was very helpful just want to say thank you. 

I loves to shop with luck shop, their staff are very professional and helpful, I always receive my order on time. I live in London and my orders always reach very quickly and safe even when I'm not expecting it so quickly. The products are very good, I am always happy with my purchase. Thank you!



Love your catalog. 

Easy to order. Great variety of products. Some work fast, others work over time but the effects are the same. Thanks for your service. Have a Blessed Day.



Thank you for your time.

Yes, I place an order with a while ago and I will place another order today! Have a very good day even it is raining. Thank you!



All of you are awesome!

:) love the products!! Very satisfied customer :) keep up the great work! :) Have a wonderful day!



Love your products. 

I only buy from your store!



Love your products 

and your company is better than Rondo because you provide detailed instructions and Rondo didn't.



Keep up all the good work that you're doing!




I love everything

and the great instructions that comes with everything!



Just want to say a big thank you!




I thank you so much

your products are truely wonderful! And May God bless your business!
C. Terry



Thank you all for helping me.




Love this company.

Thank you all for the products.



Great service and nice products!




Very Nice and Useful Website!

and also the Price is Right! Thank You for your Service.



Reverend Moses. I would like to thank you for the Negative removal bath.

I feel really good. my mind is clear and I feel good inside out. my temper is better controlled. And I talk with god more. things are clearing up. slowly and surely. God bless you and staff.



Keep up the good job!




I always get my spiritual products

from church goods, because they have wonderful.



Thank you for doing what you do!




Thanks for everything!

Awesome place. Thank God for places and wonderful helping people like you.



Thanks for the prayer lotion 

loves it money drawing!



Your products are great! 

They always bring me good luck.



My great grandmother used to order from you before she passed. 

She never got to show me how to use anything and she told me after she passed that this was good.



I really enjoy the service.

I received at lucky shop i would definitely continue to be a loyal customer.



The oil I bought really help my pain a lot in fact everything 

I bought is good and helpful.I thank God that I discovered your website. Keep up the good work God bless you.



I love this company!

The fastest shipping I have ever seen from an online store!







I just wanted to say I just love love love your company, 

the customer service over the phone are super sweet people and just awesome. I found u guys online by the grace of God!!! This is only my second time ordering and I will keep on ordering from your guys! Much love!



Thank you for the super fast shipping and the very neatly packaged items!




Thanks for that financial Blessing I got as a result from my Genie Lamp.

I won a few hundred dollars on the Florida Lottery. Keep up the good blessed work!
V. Evans



Wonderful Company! 




I love your products!




I have been very pleased with your products, customer service, 

and your company. I had not had any problems, thus far and do not anticipate having any problems going forward. I have been ordering from you for many, many, years and still have been pleased with the service. I have answered this survey based on past purchases, have not received my most recent purchase yet. (Just ordered yesterday) I have to say, I originally heard about your company from a dear aunt of mine, who has since passed on. My aunt Mary was a long time customer of yours for over 40 + years. I really am glad she introduced me to the company. Keep up your great work and reputation. Have a Blessed New Year!!



Thank you for my order, 

I really like the service you supply to us, I ordered on 09/30/16, my order was here by monday, 10/03/2016. Thank to your Staff DR Moses, they are great, God bless, love the order my bracelet and chain. I will put it to good use, Thank you Dr Moses for believing in me and making me feel better and your staff for blessing my product to let it work!



My Mother ordered the Fast Luck two color dressed candle and Las Vegas Gambler's Purse. 

She received it August 3rd along with some free items.... Money Drawing bath/floor wash and some other money drawing product. She bathe with the bath wash and other stuff. She went to Bingo last night (August 4th) and hit the jackpot for $1200.00! Thanks Rev. Moses & Staff for products that work!
N. White



First time order and I'm very happy!




I'm very new to your site,

and I was encouraged to buy more items from your company. Thank you for the extra gifts together with my order.



Hi. I received my order today. 

I wanted to thank you so much for the quick shipping and sending me all the items I ordered as well some extra items that I did not order. I appreciate that a lot. Thanks again. I will definitely order from Luck Shop again. Thank you so much. Very happy with my items.



So thankful I found LuckShop.

Where have you been all my life? I'll continue to order from you all in the future.



I recieved my candle broken and I let Andrew know super nice person,

and Andrew was able to listen for my request to put glass in the box. Great service, keep up the good work! Thank you, Andrew! 



I just purchased as astral candle, pendant, and a soap to cleanse myself.

I am starting a new path and with The LuckShop help I feel I can do better and have less problems from others and some good spiritual influences. The products are very complete and quality I have not seen elsewhere, ever. I called and got help and ideas. I recommend them to anyone looking to make their lives happier and healthier.
P. Carman



I love the luckshop/church good store!




I am well pleased with all the products that I have purchased 

and am looking forward to order some more stuff!



I'd like to give a shout-out to Samantha

for her friendly and outstanding customer service.



Rev. Moses wall of prayer never fails me!

I was placed on the wall of prayer March 23....and within a few weeks later I received $2100.00 in back child support and on April 22 I found out that I had $155.00 in a credit union savings account at my old job I use to work at and was able to get it all out since I don't work there anymore. Thanks again Rev. And the rest of your team.
N. White



I called around 3:45 pm with a question.

I talked to a really helpful woman with your company who got me to get the right things. I am a regular customer. Your staff is helpful and I didn't get her name but she was super and I will return again for more supplies when needed. She talked me into the dragon blood soap and I didn't realize I was missing the cleansing part of my work. If you can find out who, she is give her a raise!



Dear Rev Moses, 

just to say thanks for removing satan from me and your S.R. perfume lifts stress/pressure from me which I might want another, when needed.Appreciate the praying you do for me as others. You have a strong heart.




I have no idea what you did for my fixed candle but I got a job interview OUT OF NOWHERE for a big media company here in Los Angeles! You are a miracle worker. I never even applied. He found me on linkedin.

I just wanted to say thank you again!!!!! I will be purchasing again and you'll always have my business.



Thank you Rev Moses and staff for the free gifts

and all the wonderful products I have purchased. I added myself and my husband name to the prayer list and ever since our luck has changed for the best. Thank you so much!



Wonderful company with quality products.




Thanks for helping me! Changed my life!




Glad I found your shop! 

I can get the products I require in one place at good prices!




Info@luckshop.com. Thank you for your service, I called in on yesterday to place an order in.  I will be sending another attachment email with my pics. I truly appreciate and love the Church Goods and LuckShop.
M. Maria P.



Love this site and products best thing ever has to me in a while. 

I told my mom and she ordering now. Thanks to staff that works hard to make me and other happy and satisfied!



Thank you for your time.

I would like to say thank you for the order and to how nice everything was. I have a lot of complements about my bracelets and the one's I had before like the evil eye one. And again thank you for jinx removing oil and I receive it. Thank you again and for the fast delivery.
Mary A.



Keep up the good work!




I purchase the fiery wall of protection oil. 

There was a shooting in my apt building. I rubbed oil on my car 2 night before. Two cars next mine was hit. My car didn't have a scratch. 



Keep doing good!

you are good people to buy from.



Thank you Samantha for all your work

and your shop - God bless I found your shop. It is awesome and I'm in love with your shop...... keep up the good work!



Thank you for everything, Blessings.




Great Site and lots of helpful products.




Thanks Andrew,

the products really work I went to the casino yesterday and before I got the money out of the ATM I rubbed some of the oil on my hands...when I sat down within 5 minutes I got a Big Win for 1500!!!



I am cry satisfied buying your products online.




Service and delivery time is awesome!




Hello Samantha,

I don't mind spreading the word out there for the work that you guys do that beneficial for everyone out there, as long you have trust and faith in God everything will work out and have great services teams like you guys and Rev Moses.  I will definitely come back in the future once my second job it's been approved, thank you again for the hard work and Rev Moses I'm grateful for everything.  Have a fantastic day.



I been using your products off and on for a very long time, 

and I been very happy with your products. Over the years I only had one item that had to be replaced and it was replaced promptly.



Glad to have found your site for hard to find products. 

Each order I have placed has included a free gift and has always been packaged professionally and safely. I greatly appreciate a place to buy the candles I use and know they are Blessed. Thank You so very much and look forward to many future transactions. 







Good Day Sir Andrew!

I don't know where to post my Testimony, so i decided to send this to your email add and leave it to you to post it. I ordered my ITEMS and one of which is Genie Lamp Neck Lace through emails on June 6, 1017 and received it last August 3, 2017. I wished on My Genie Lamp neck lace that I should qualified my Credit Card Application, just after few days , it was like a rushed that the courier handed down to me that credit card , was a really big surprised! because several times i applied the said card and was always disapproved. So thank you so much, and I will be continuing my other wishes.



Keep up the good work. Appreciate your service!




Everything is good with all your help!




I really and truly appreciate and enjoy your service, products and staff.

I just love ordering. My last order with the many spiritual oils was nice and neat in a little box! I was happy with the shipment, as usual. Thanks much!



Glad I found your shop!

I can get the products I require in one place at good price!



I just wanted to say thank you!

Your products are wonderful, the quality is top notch, instructions are appreciated and I love the free gifts! I will continue to use your company from this point forward!
S. Caruvana



I am always pleased with your products.

I purchased a job oil last week bc i was looking for something else. I received it on 07/24/17 and on 07/27/17 i received a call for an interview. Thank you.



I really like your products. 

There are so many and it takes time to find out what you like and now I know how to navigate the catalog to find exactly what I'm looking for.




Glad I found your shop!

I can get the products I require in one place at good prices!



Hi, Just wanted to leave a comment about the Bayberry Essential Oil.

It smells amazing! Thank you!



I just purchased as astral candle, pendant, and a soap to cleanse myself. 

I am starting a new path and with The Luck Shop help I feel I can do better and have less problems from others and some good spiritual influences. The products are very complete and quality I have not seen elswhere,ever. I called and got help and ideas. I recommend them to anyone looking to make their lives happier and healthier.
P. Carmen 



Love This Company,

Very professional customer service department and very helpful.
H. Kirkwood 



This was my first order, but will be ordering again soon.

The customer service representative was very helpful with what I needed.
C. Johnson 



Keep up the good work.

Luckshop.com Customer



Love your products!!!

N. Alexander



Your products are always great.

I've been purchasing from you for a few months now and every product I've ordered works as described . Thank you for giving me great experiences with your online store.
M. Coric 



Always good products and good service!

S. Robbins



I want to thank you for these amazing products they have been helping me.

I want to thank Rev. Moses for the Genie Necklace. Money owed to me from the IRS was being held from the IRS. I prayed and I received my money.Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
C. Mosley



Great service and products. 

No wonder you have been around so long! I enjoy getting your catalog in the mail too!



Soap changed my life!

I bought some of the Luck Shop's soap bars, and within a week I was hired at my new job! That's the only thing I can think could have saved me! Excellent quality, excellent service!
R. Cruz 



Glad to have found your site for hard to find products.

Each order I have placed has included a free gift and has always been packaged professionally and safely. I greatly appreciate a place to buy the candles I use and know they are Blessed. Thank You so very much and look forward to many future transactions.
Bradford Posey



I been using your products off and on for a long time, and I been very happy with your products.

Over the years I only had one item that had to be replaced and it was replaced promptly. I never rates any one or company as perfect because none perfect except our heavenly Father.




I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful products, they are truly amazing i believe they changed my life. A couple of months back (i believe in october) i had purchased the Boyfriend bracelet and the love drawing candy and i happened to meet someone in November and in December we started to get to know each other and then progressed into a relationship, I become his girlfriend in February! I am really happy with what your products have done for me! Right now i feel like, i have it all except i wish my grades were a little bit better. Im a nursing student, and my classes are really tough and i try my hardest with my work. Im also joining a sorority, which is going to be very demanding and take up alot of time as well. My question is, is there anything that can help me with my grades? i really want to do well and of course i put the time in, i just wish sometimes learning material was alot easier for me, and do 10x better on exams. Im kind of nervous, because i need to pass all of my nursing classes for me to graduate on time and start my clinicals for next fall. Im looking for a product that can help me improve my school work so i can manage joining a sorority and maintaining my wonderful relationship with my boyfriend! Thank you!



I love your products!!!

The mogo bags on my last purchase has been a blessing!!! I ordered two, one for my mom we have both received money blessings. Thanks for the free gift with every order.
So greatful!!!



OUTSTANDING PRODUCTS AT AFFORDABLE PRICES! Great company that fulfills all my needs!

Told friends about the company and they have already purchaesd products. Keep up the good works.
A Very Satified Customer!



On November 14 I was placed on Rev. Moses wall of prayer which lasts for a whole month.

On November 18 my baby father was ordered to pay $306.00 for his child support, remind you he haven't made a payment since June. Thanks Rev. A lot I really needed that money. I also used the free gift you sent me which was the money herb to carry and put down in the house. With that and prayer its working. Thanks again can't wait to see what else the wall of prayer have in store for me. :)
N. White



I just want to say thanks for your great service!I will definitely order more products.

I love you guys and please keep up the wonderful work you're doing. I will be placing my order soon
L. Ellis



For all of your help, your products and service always been very helpful to me.

I will be recommending to my friends - I'm very satisfied thank you LuckShop!



Good Afternoon, I just wanted to share some exciting news to you all.

I asked to be placed for one month on Rev. Moses Prayer List and the month of August was fabulous. I received a raise on my job and also I won $1750!! It has truly been a blessing!! I really appreciate Rev Moses and Staff for all of the years of dedication, professionalism, and hard work you have provided to us (your customers). I cannot express how much I really appreciate all that you do!! God bless and take care!!
L. Bond



I was very pleased with the products.

I felt the need to do the process once again but read how I needed to do it the right way maybe this time it will work even longer.




I love your products, they are a life saver!



I love your products, I bought the herbal bath for my boyfriend.

He has been blessed with a credit card, hitting the lottery, and so far winning his court cases. He hasn't had a credit card in ten years. Thanks so much God bless you Rev. Moses and your staff. I won't order from any one else. I love the free gifts too...Can't wait to order my herbal bath. lol.
L. Smith



My name is L. Bond and I have been ordering from Church Goods for at least 10 years or longer.

I never had any issues with my products and my order is always correct. I had only one problem within 10 years and when I contacted the company the issue was solved quickly. I really enjoy talking to the staff. Keep up the good work everyone!

Be blessed!!



Luck shop y'all products really work for me!

I bought the fast money oil, Rev Moses bracelet and more bought my mommy a health bracelet, she said she feels better. I want to thank y'all and Rev moses for the help. Thank you so much, God bless y'all more!
Kendra B.




I love your products and that fast service is wonderful thank-you and god bless.




I love your products may the Lord God continue many blessing to you all at the luck shop team staff.
D. Martin



I love your company!

The absolute best in positive self help.



Just downloaded your new catalog!

Can't wait to place an order! You have wonderful products, perfect prices, and your customer service is second to none! It is a pleasure to get things from The Luck Shop!!! Blessings,
Rev. Eliot



Dear Church Goods...

Everytime I order from you my order comes in just one week! "WOW!" You all are the best! Keep up the good work! Please Thank Rev. Moses for me! Sincerely,
Lillian J.



I love your shop! 

I called with many questions and my representative was a very knowledgeable young man who helped me learn a lot more and provided very amazing customer service. I love your shop and you have now found a loyal customer in me!



Keep Up the Good Work!

You all are doing a wonderful job, it can't get any better than this. With Love,




WOW is all I can say I purchased a genie necklace a lucky hand necklace and a lucky hand mojo bag at first I couldn't win I was losing in everything I tried then my daughter said 2 me mom you need 2 try something else you did was waste your money but I turned 2 her and said sometimes you must lose in order 2 gain and the only thing I can say is that I have become an unstoppable force hitting like crazy in bingo and the casino and guest what I am just getting started you guys are truely a dream come true 4 me I can never stop thanking you guys Wow wow wow
Sarah B.



Yep, another testimonial from yours truly.

I have been sick for the past 3 months, in and out of treatment. Unable to find a job, lots of financial woes till I lit the Emergency Money Pulling candle. I applied for Disability benefits, and waited. Assuming they were gonna drag their feet or deny me. Tried calling, but the state had too many calls than they could answer. I felt discouraged and powerless. I was starting to worry a lot, losing sleep, tossing and turning in bed. Just severe anxiety in my own private hell. After the candle burned out, I get a call from the state saying they are awarding me benefits. Not only, are they awarding me benefits but RETROACTIVE pay for the past 3 months which comes out to a little over 8k. I'm now able to afford rent, pay bills that are past due, and eat! I want to wholeheartedly thank Andrew at the luckshop for the help and guidance through an extraordinarily horrible time. I also have health benefits now that enables me to get my health together and eliminate the illness thats been plaguing me since I was 12 years old through surgery that is going to change my life forever.

Keeping the Faith,
Grace H.



I really enjoy ordering supplies from yal!

I will continue to order from now on - Thank You!
M. Olguin



I have been blessed with these wonderful products!

I'm writing a testimony to the products from the Church Goods Co. I have purchased several candles for certain situations in my life, and I can testify that their products work. I purchased Road Opener candles twice and on two occasions I won $500.00 on scrath off! The candles send good vibrations out, and they burn very clear and are made with good quality materials. I love their oils and their baths. Church Goods products work!

Bernadette M.



You are running an honest helpful store!

C. Max



I really like your company!

I have been dealing with you all for a while, I say thank you!
M. Silver



So far everything I have ever ordered has been beneficial!

I'm currently in Afghanistan and I'm praying that I get the same results here that I have always gotten at home. Thank you for what you all do!
cs roe




I received both orders. Perfectly as requested. Definitely will be a Repeat Customer!




thank you!



Oh my, you are on a roll with processing my orders.

Jacqueline D.



Luck Shop, Rev Moses, and entire Staff are truly a God sent. Thank you for everything.



Hello Friends!

I am surely pleased with your products, they really work! Especially your Casino Oil! Thanks. God Bless You.
Genie H.



Dear Luck Shop Friends,

I want to share the wishes I made with my genie lamps that have come true. I wished that my son would be granted the help he needs to change his life and this was granted. My cat Theodore Roosevelt was limping and wouldn't let me touch his leg to see if I could see what was wrong. I wished after the second day of feeling bad that he seemed to still be uncomfortable with walking that he would be healed and in a day he was back to normal. I wished to have my car repaired and able to be inspected and licensed and it was done last month. I wished for my youngest son to find a special person in is life and that has happened as well. So the genie lamps are wonderful.

Vickie B.



Hi Rev. Moses,

What I like about you all is that I get my order back fast. I have never had an order to come back this fast! I really like you all - you are #1 in my book! (smile) I will refer my friends to you all!
Sarah F.



One if not the #1 spiritual shop in Chicago!!!

Tracey W.



It work wonders!

Hello Church Goods, I ordered 2 Genie Lamp Necklaces and won $460.00 so far on scratch tickets. It work wonders! Please keep up the excellence!




I really am very pleased with your products and services.

My only regret is that you do not have the genie lamp in stock. I hope it becomes available soon.

Very Interesting Products!
Norah A.



The Genie Lamp really worked.

Dear Rev. Moses, The Genie Lamp really worked. We have new residents in the facility and new employees! The evil is finally being sent back to my enemies who have done me harm, and last week I won $250.00! I am still trying my luck in Bingo - nothing yet but I am sure it will come soon!




The company and workers are doing such a wonderful job, dont change anything! I thank you all for your kind prayers and work on my behalf.

Dear Rev. Moses, I wrote to you a number of times last year regarding the shooting death of my son in Las Vegas. I am writing this letter to say "Thank You." The case went to court in December 2012. The killer was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He will serve no less than 18 years. I wanted him to "do time" for his action. I was satisfied with the results. I thank you all for your kind prayers and work on my behalf.

I am a long time customer, and I always refer friends and family to you. Again Thank You!

R. Lewis



I won $13,000 playing the lottery!

Dear Rev. Moses, I just want to tell you that I bought the Genie Lamp Necklace back in January. I must tell you that I have had a lot of good luck, I won $13,000 playing the lottery! That money really helped me out a lot! Please continue to pray for me.
C. S.



The products do work!

I want to thank the staff at the luck shop and especially Andrew for giving me spiritual guidance. The products do work! Thank you so much for everything, and getting my life on track. I would recommend you to all my friends!



A must for all esoteric needs!

This is a GREAT and venerable store.
Elliot M.C.



I won $75.00 on Tuesday and $4,577 on Wednesday!

To Rev. Moses, The Genie Lamp gave my enemies revenge for what they did to me and it also brought me good luck! I won $75.00 on Tuesday and $4,577 on Wednesday!

Tamika R.



I have been blessed, blessed, blessed!

Dear Friends, I ordered a King Tut Necklace from you but I received a Genie Lamp Necklace instead. I thought i was going to be disappointed but I have been blessed, blessed, blessed! I received a large amount of money that I was not expecting, this was a mistake that was truly a blessing! Now with God, I am expecting a total healing of my body, mind, and spirit. Thank You for the mistake.
Ida P.



Thank you for the Fast Delivery.

I received the products that I had purchased from you on Saturday Aug. 29th and on Aug. 30th I won $2,065.00 on the Blazing 7 Machine at the race track in Hot Springs Arkansas. I'm telling you that your products are the best and want to thank you for the Fast Delivery.

Doris C.



I am blessed to be a customer of your company.

I have been ordering for years now and can truly say that your products really work. Just when I thought that my relationship was over, you all came to my rescue. Your oils have really helped me keep my partner from straying away and also opened the road to success. I really would like to thank you guys for helping me save what I thought couldn't be saved. God Bless You All!

Monica P.



Dear Reverend Moses,

I ordered your genie lamp about 2 months ago and you said if I would send you a story. You would send me 2 free gifts.Here is my story... A close friend of mine was facing 4 months in jail. I started rubbing the lamp and reading the verses and then suddenly her case was reduced because of an error. She only served 30 days instead of 4 months. Thanks.

Teresa B



I really love your products!

I really love your products! They make me feel free from bad luck - I will continue using them until I am too old to order.




I have never felt better!

All of your products help so well. I am able to sleep like a baby because I am now protected from my enemies. I ordered one of your Miracle Healing Amulets and I have never felt better! My heart feels so much better, the swelling in my feet went down, and i have more peace in my life.

Bessie A.



I am achieving success in my life!

Dear Rev. Moses, I am writing this letter to let you know that I am very pleased with my outcome of discovering "Good Luck." I just turned 50 years old this year and I just found that something wonderful CAN happen in my life and that I can have GOOD LUCK! Thank You for helping me out, thank you for wanting to help me, you all have been so kind and motivating for me. Finally, I am achieving success in my life!

Felicia H.



Dear Rev. Moses,

Thank you so much for burning the candle for my daughter and her son. So far we are all doing fine, less problems, and less fighting. Thank you for bringing us closer together. I really enjoy when my family is at peace. I will order again very soon!

Mona B.



Thank u luckshop 4 all ur help, i don't have any comments or suggestion because you all is always on time when i need your help,so i just want 2 say thanx 4 your help.



Thank you for everything you have done for me.

I have been ordering products from you and you all have been praying for me for some time now. I signed up for your Wall of Prayer services for one year and things have been looking up and the chains came off my feet! For example, I have came into a possession of money with a settlement in the spring and another settlement in May from a previous job. I have purchased a home by God's Grace and Mercy. You all at Church Goods have NOT let me down! I know God is an awesome, mighty, and powerful God. Also he does Not give us more than what we can handle. Please continue to pray for me so that things stay good. Thank you for everything you have done for me. May God Bless You all!

Tonya B.



I have been a customer since the early 90's and still shopping with you all!

I can't begin to tell you how your products have helped me and the other people I recommended to you. You offer many great products and services that really work! I have been a customer since the early 90's and still shopping with you all! If I could purchase every item in the book I WOULD! You are a one stop remedy shop for all conditions and every product stands by its name. When my products get low - I immediately reorder them. Your products are the greatest!

Vernette R.



Dear Friends,

This is just a note to say I used the lucky incense cones and they helped me win $1,300.00 at the lottery.

Dwight F.



I won $525.00 tonight!

I am so excited about my Genie Lamp that I received in the mail today! I went to play Bingo tonight and I followed the instructions and it worked! I won $525.00 tonight! I want to say thank you so much!
Laura D.



I will always order from your store.

I want to thank you for your wonderful, great products, they work for me each and every time! I will always keep you and your company in my prayers because each time I've called and placed an ordered I've been treated with nothing but kindness. I will always order from your store. Thank You, Thank You!

E. Smith