The Art of Spiritual Healing

Discover how to recognize and tap into the power of energy! Watch as you learn how to control and harness the power within! Become a wellspring of divine energy through the use of spiritual healing!
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The Art of Spiritual Healing by Keith Sherwood: Healing energy is always flowing through you—discover how to recognize and tap this incredible healing source. Each of us has the potential to heal ourselves and become a channel for healing others. The step-by-step directions in this chakra and energy handbook will teach you how to:

Develop “attention,” a key factor in energy work and healing. See and feel auras, and use them as a diagnostic tool. Open and balance the chakras heal through vibration, polarization, and empathetic healing techniques. Channel healing energy from a distance. You can become a wellspring for Divine healing energy and spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being and health using the powerful techniques and practices in this book. 240 Pages

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