The Lost Books of The Bible

Nearly three thousand pages of suppressed biblical documents from the origins of humankind to the final judgment.
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Read the Original Teaching of Christ. These passages have been banned for thousands of years, until now! In this book you will find two hundred and eighty five pages of Biblical documents, from the origins of the human kind to the final judgement! 

Here are the original teachings of the Christ, banned for two thousand years, now made available for dissemination to the public for the first time. 

These are the words of the Chirst and his apostles as recorded by the earliest Christians, but censored by the Church, because they are believed to contain inappropriate and unorthodox studies now considered taboo and out of the mainstream of religious doctrine.
This edition contains dozens of apocryphal books from the early centuries of Christianity that were deliberatly excluded from the published treatments.

The question remains why were these divinely inspired texts kept out of the bible by the Church?

There are those who maintain that this provocative work contains a magical code that can enrich and inspire our lives.
Unravel this code and you could benefit greatly as you sit at the side of The Lord.

This book contains 285 Pages of Lost Bible Books.

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