The Lucky Hand Gambler's Necklace

The lucky hand combined with the crystal ball sets up a magnetically charged field force that acts like a money drawing power magnet! It will bring the wearer many winning's and riches!

You must see this Extra-Ordinary Gold Hand Holding the All-Seeing Powerful Crystal Ball.

The Lucky Hand combined with the Crystal Ball is said to set up a Magnetically Charged Field of Force - which acts like a Money Drawing Power Magnet. They say It has brought the wearer many winning's and riches never imagined possible.

Be a Winner, Now!

Thsi piece is blessed and recommended by Rev. Moses. It carries a lot of strength and provides great results to the people who wear or carry it.

The Lucky Hand Gambler's Necklace One Necklace
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The Lucky Hand Gambler's Necklace 2 for $20.00
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