Tie Him or Her Up Mystical Astral Candle

This candle was prepared with coconut palm wax to give it a charge of positive energy. May he/she be sweet, generous and trustworthy. May he/she think of me, dream of me, go crazy over me - only.
SKU: C7742

This candle was prepared with coconut palm wax to give it a charge of positive energy that other candles lack. It contains amulets and astral essences that have seductive qualities. Use this candle to ask that the person that you are with be bound & tied to you, and only you! Control & compel your lover to be sweet, generous, kind & trustworthy. May your lover think and dream only of you and be obsessed with you- so that you are the only person he/she wants or thinks of - no one else.Super Charged and Super Scented to have the person that you are with, be tied to you, want only you and love only you! Beautifully scented red and blue palm oil wax candle, comes in a large glass jar that measures 6 1/2" in height and 2 1/2" in width. It comes with easy to follow instructions in English and Spanish. Burns for approximately 3 Days, supplies are limited.

Remember always, wheer you find God, you will NOT find Failure. Faith moves mountains!


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