Each Doll Kit comes with Oil, Parchment Paper, A Dove's Blood Ink Pen and 7 Pins. Please Follow the Intructions inside.

All Purpose Controlling Triple Strength Doll

This special doll can help you control any situation in your life. Conquer you worst and most difficult problems. Get your life back on track and be in control once again!

Break-Up Triple Strength Doll

Use this doll to break-up any two people you know shouldn't be together. This doll works very quick, so finally get what you want!

Court Case/Lawsuit Triple Strength Doll

This doll was made so you could WIN! Have the court and judge be on your side and get the outcome you want! WIN BIG or get Your case thrown out!

Quick Money/Lucky Gamblers Triple Strength Doll

Use this doll to draw and win money when all else fails. Unblock your money situation and get money fast from any source!

Stop Evil/Enemies Triple Strength Doll

This doll is a very powerful tool in helping you conquer, control, and destroy all the evil that surrounds you and your loved ones. It works fast! Turn back all evil sent by those evil people and fianlly have peace of mind!

Super Love Power Triple Strength Doll

Be happy and lucky in love with this doll! Use it to create a special bond with the person you desire and make them fall in love with you. Or use this doll to strengthen your existing relationship to make it stronger and truer in love!