These Triple Strength Candles Burn for over 100 hours! They have been specially prepared for your condition. They are dressed and blessed with the best spiritual oils and herbs for MAXIMUM POWER! Choose the right one for you!

Rev. Moses Special Favor Blessed/Dressed/Fixed Candle

Have the powerful Infant Jesus along with St. Jude & St. Anthony ask the Lord to grant your special wish, so that your prayers may be answered quickly. Candle comes with Blood Dove Ink Pen & Parchment Paper.
$29.95 $19.95

Rev. Moses Stay At Home Blessed/Dressed/Fixed Candle

Make your lover stay close to home and stop running the streets. Make them stay close to you and spend more time with you. This candle also works great for unruly teenagers or children who are always out in the streets. Candle comes with Blood Dove Ink Pen & Parchment Paper.
$29.95 $19.95

Rev. Moses Victory Over Evil Blessed/Dressed/Fixed Candle

Burn this candle to have supreme power and control over anyone who is plotting evil or spells against you. Your body and soul will be cleansed and free from evil that plagues you. Fight off all negative vibrations and feel good again! Candle comes with Blood Dove Ink Pen & Parchment Paper.
$29.95 $19.95

Reversible/Turn Back All Evil/Keep Away Enemies Triple Strength Fixed 7 Day Candle

Send back and turn back all evil, harm and bad luck to wherever or whoever it came from. Keeps all evil and enemies away so that you are safe! NO MORE PROBLEMS!
From $13.50

Road Opener Triple Strength Fixed 7-Day Candle

Break that jinx and un-block all problems! Open your life road to money, love, job, freedom from jinxes and evil. Clear the path to Open your Roads. Change you luck from bad to good, now. Don't be tired, lonely, down or confused anymore. Busts through any block holding or keeping you down!
From $13.50

Rosemary Scented Candle

This Blessed Rosemary Scented Candle has the alleged divine power of Cleansing, Healing, Purifying and Protection. It promotes peace, healing, and protection.
$14.95 $12.95

Rue Scented Candle

This Rue Scented Candle calls upon the great powers of the Magical Money Drawing plant - THE RUE PLANT!It is used to help you draw lots of money in your time of need. Go from despair to comfort. Do not stress about money anymore - there is financial relief! Sweet Scent and Fast Acting!
$14.95 $12.95

Sandalwood Scented Candle

This Sandalwood Scented Candle will help draw money to you from any source. Win jackpots when you gamble at any game of chance. Have abundance and prosperity , so you can finally have enough money to live how you really want! This sweet smelling candle promotes a life of royalty!
$14.95 $12.95

Scented Destroyer Fixed Candle (Destructor)

Spell Breaker, Bad Luck Breaker, Against Harm, Envy Destroyer. Specially fixed candles with the 7 metal essences.
$30.00 $14.95

Shut Up Scented Candle

The Shut Up Scented Candle makes nasty and jealous people stop gossiping about you or your family. Stop people from hurting you directly and indirectly. All rumors and gossip will stop, so things will be your way. Shut the mouths of people who tell lies that harm you or your family. People will not put you down anymore!
$14.95 $12.95

Spiritual Cleansing Scented Candle

This Spiritual Cleansing Scented Candle helps get rid of unwanted conditions in your body and makes it pass to uncross you. Moves out evil to cleanse your body, mind and soul. PUT YOUR MIND TO REST!
$14.95 $12.95

St. Jude Special Relief Triple Strength Fixed 7 Day Candle

For any hopeless or desperate situations! Gives you speedy help for any problem or situation or condition. Just Burn this candle and pray to St. Jude for a quick miracle!
From $13.50

Success For Children/ Grandchildren/Special Favor Triple Strength Fixed 7 Day Candle

Helps children or grandchildren get into good schools and be very successful in their lives! GOOD GRADES, GOOD JOB, HAPPY MARRIAGE, GREAT LIFE! They will have success, health, and prosperity!
From $13.50

Tobacco Scented Candle

This Tobacco Scented Candle takes away evil from your surroundings. It will bring forth attraction and happiness! It helps you feel peaceful and happy, while making jealous people go away! Change bad luck to good luck and be happy now! This is good for many conditions - SMELLS GREAT - WORKS FAST! BE PROTECTED FROM HARM AND SPELLS TOO.
$20.00 $12.95

XXX Sex Power Fixed Candle

This powerful candle is Super Charged and Fixed so you can have hot, passionate, hard sex with your lover! This candle burns approximately 100 hours - thats 100 hours of Great Sex! Be satisfied! Instructions for use come with the candle. Light the candle, say your wish/desire, and get results!
$15.00 $12.95