These herb powders can help you to stay healthy, attain money, bring fast luck, and will also help you to conquer evil and enemies that may be around you. Have control when using this triple strength herb powders!

All Heal Herb Powder

This herb has healing powers. Can use this herb as an astringent, tonic or tea. Also sprinkle it in corners, shoes or pockets to keep away ache and pains. Helps you stay in good health.
From $6.65

Big John Chew Root Powder

Sprinkle in your home, work and car to conquer all evil, enemies and difficult situations.
From $6.65

Frank & Myrrh Powder

Sprinkle in your home or place in a bowl for peace and hapiness to your home and family. Brings health, wealth andmany blessing thru the grace of God-to your love ones.
From $6.65

Quick Money Herb Powder

Sprinkle in your workplace or car to draw money from all direction.
From $6.65