The use of powders has long been recommended for spiritual, psychic and religious works. These are mystic formulas passed down over generations for hundreds of year to move away and keep away evil spirits, draw money, keep your lover close, stop evil, remove jinx, be lucky at gambling games, and stop the devil and and all his dirty tricks.

Use these powders if the conditions are extreme. If condition are not extreme, we recommend the "Extra Strong Powders". Use on wrists, feet, chest, neck and pulse points after bathing, showering or before going to bed or upon waking.

May you achieve all your desires. Faith Moves Mountains. Pray and Concentrate on your desires.

Chasing Triple Strength Powder

CHASE AWAY: Evil & enemies, troubles & worries, Bad influences & bad friends, Nosey and jealous people, problems with love, court, work, and much more. Chase away everything that is getting in your way or that is causing you harm.

Go Away/Stay Away Triple Strength Powder

Make evil and enemies go away for good! Sprinkle this outside near the doors, all around the house, or in yards, and make unwanted people and spirits go away and stay away!

Jinx Removing Triple Strength Powder

If ya feel you've been jinxed or hexed and luck is just running away from you. Worry no more, sprinkl the jinx removing powder to help you ease that bad luck away. Suffer no more from the curse of the jinx!

Love Me Always Triple Strength Powder

Use this irresistible and sweet smelling body powder after bathing or seeing your special person. After that, no man or woman will be able to resist you! Hold and keep your lover.

Lucky Gamblers Triple Strength Powder

Use one cupful daily at a quiet time after bathing. Sprinkle on hands, arms and chest area, say your desire 3 times before putting on powder.

Money Drawing Triple Strength Powder

Use on body, shoes, or purse to draw money fast! Hit the jackpot or get the money that is owed to you! EXTRA STRONG and FAST WORKING!

Stop Evil Triple Strength Powder

Move out evil and enemies, makes the devil run, sprinkle inside closets, drawers, corner of rooms; to stop evil inside.
From $6.65

Super Charged Vesta Chasing Powder

Burn to Drive Away all evil from your house. Quickly Removes all Negative Influences, Bad Vibrations or Evil from your surroundings. 1oz Vile. Caution: powder is flammable. Keep out of reach of Children.
From $6.95

Triple Strength Protection Powder

Use this powerful powder to destroy and remove all evil, harm or jealousy. Protects you from being crossed up or jinxed.

Black Destroyer Powder

Sprinkle in your home, in the corners of your rooms, near front or back door or in your shoes to Destroy any EVIL, HARM and/or Enemies!!

Rue Powder

Sprinkle in corners of rooms, in your shoes, purse or wallet to DRAW MONEY and LUCK in a hurry to you!

Triple Strength Hot Foot Powder

Triple Strength Drive Away Moving Hot Foot Powder is formulated to Chase Away any unwanted person, entity, or spirit from you and your home. Just Sprinkle in your yard, house, car, or workplace and make them go away - far and fast! Is someone in your life bothering you and will not go away? Nosy neighbors talking about you? Evil lurking in your home? Spirits haunting your family? Stop all of that nonsense with Hot Foot Powder!! Sprinkle around your home to keep those pesky people and evil away from you!

Triple Strength Healing Powder

For Sprinkling, Burning or Bodily use. This powder helps heal all aches, pains, and misery and suffering occurring in your body or in or around your home. Comes with directions.


Puts a "Spell" on your lover or whomever you desire - to have eyes for you only.


This holy powder will protect the wearer of all the evil that may be surrounding them. Do not live in fear again!