These "Triple Strength" Oils are specially made from Ancient Formulas passed down from the ages 

and guaranteed to help you get what you want.

And the Lucky Magical Seals that come with each oil contain all the wisdom and "Secret Powers" passed down for centuries. This is a POWERFUL combination designed to bring you Fast Results! - for Any Condition, no matter how bad. Each seal is picked for the exact condition for which you need help. These Triple Strength Seal Oils are Strong and they work!

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All Purpose/Get What You Want XXX Seal Oil

Use this all purpose oil on your seals and get what you want now!
$8.95 $4.99

Conquer Love Seal Oil

When you are hoping to conquer a love situation use this oil to help bring you the true love you deserve and want! Anoint your seals and near private parts and true love will be yours.
$8.95 $4.99

Controlling Seal Oil

Use this to help control your mate, money matters, problems, on the job, with rent, or at court. Take control of you life! Good for business, church or family!
$8.95 $4.99

Court Case/Law Stay Away Seal Oil

Win your court case or get it thrown out by using this powerful oil. Have no more troubles with the law, make them stay away! Works well with CHEW JOHN ROOT
$8.95 $4.99

Desire Me/Do As I Say Seal Oil

Get that special person to do as you say and desire you with all their heart. Anoint yourself or put it in your bath water.
$8.95 $4.99

Gamblers Seal Oil

Put this oil on your mojo bags, money, and yourself and watch all your winning come your way!
$8.95 $4.99

High John the Conqueror Seal Oil

Problems with difficult situations? Rub this oil on your forehead and hands. Conquer and master any situation or problem you may have.
$8.95 $4.99

King Solomon Seal Oil

Use this oil for desperate and hopeless situations. Wear this oil and pray to God and ask him to work a miracle for you. He can help you if you have faith.
$8.95 $4.99

Love Potion Seal Oil

Are you lonely? If the answer is YES, then you must try our LOVE POTION Seal Oil. LOVE POTION is used for hopeless and desperate cases, when you just can't get a lover or keep one!
$8.95 $4.99

Lucky Bingo Seal Oil

Never miss by one number again! Use this oil to hit the winning numbers over and over again! It is your turn to WIN! Shout BINGO lots of times!
$8.95 $4.99

New Orleans Fast Success Seal Oil

Secretly Powerful oil from New Orleans- Spiritual Capital of the World. Use for fast success in anything.
$8.95 $4.99

Turn Back Evil Seal Oil

Send evil back the other now! Put some of this oil in your bath or body and turn the evil around back to where it came from.
$8.95 $4.99

Uncrossing/Jinx Removing Seal Oil

A strong formula that has the power to remove that crossed or jinxed condition fast!
$8.95 $4.99

Wealthy Way Seal Oil

Use this oil to attract money and power for a long time!
$8.95 $4.99