White Sage & Rosemary Smudge Stick- 4 inch

Burn this Bundle to Cleanse your home and bring Healing Energy to yourself and your family! This All-Purpose Smudge Stick can be used in any home, workplace, car, or room to cleanse away evil and bring Healing Light to your space!
SKU: D1834

Rosemary is a POWERFUL herb used for Healing and Good Health. Combined with the CLEANSING properties of White Sage, this bundle is great for ALL PURPOSE use throughout your home! Burn this in any room, car, workplace or household to bring GOOD HEALTH and HEALING to yourself and your loved ones! Can be used in all situations to Protect from evil and Spiritually Cleanse your space!


Sage Smugde sticks have been used throughout history to burn away evil, and cleanse new homes. Simply burn the end of the bundle as you pass throughout your home. Pray over the bundle while cleansing your home to clear away Darkness and Evil, and to Protect your home from all things!

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