White Pyramid Wishing Candle (Strawberry)

Burn for Cleansing, Joy, Peace & Happiness. Brings God's holy and loving blessings to you and your family.
SKU: C3154

Burn this powerfully Spiritual Pyramid Candle- a symbol of strength, power, wisdom, knowledge and understanding- to achieve God's holy blessings in abundance. Ask and Ye Shall Receive; Seek and Ye Shall Find. That is the essence of burning candles for spiritual purposes. May you find peace now, by burning this 3 inch pyramid candle.

By burning this Candle, you are hoping to achieve Spiritual Cleansing, Peace, Joy and Happiness- a calmness of spirit, body, and mind. Meditate on this ancient symbol of power and wisdom as you seek to better your life. Burn 3 candles at once for extra power and effectiveness.



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