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Love/Sex Nature

Powerful Products of South America: African Jelly

This Sexual Aphrodisiac Fights Against Infidelity - Stops your man from cheating and running around.
$25.00 $7.98

Sexual Extract (Oil)

Very Potent & Powerful Potion from South America which is used to “work on” your lover or person whom you desire to get them to perform excellent sexually and make them want to have good, hot, passionate sex with you. Influences others so you can bend them to your sexual will. This extract will help you achieve your wildest desires and fantasies. For external use only. Comes with directions. [Limited Supply – Order now!] Only $12.95 for 1oz. bottle.

Powerful Products of South America: Honey Love Oil

Stops your Lover from Running Around & Cheating on you. Use to seduce your man or woman; so they, want you - only! Makes you irresistible to the person you so desire. Can be used by Women & Men! Instructions Included.
$15.00 $9.95

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