Cleansing Triple Strength Bath & Floor Wash Liquid

Be blessed and cleansed with this highly spiritual water- immersed in Hyssop. Removes negative energy and clears you and your surroundings of evil spirits.
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Bathe, Clean or Wash with this highly spiritual water containing Hyssop herb to purge yourself of all evil and negative energy. Be cleansed and blessed- be free of all blocks and unwanted conditions. Put your body, mind and soul at ease. Suffer no more. Relax and be at peace with your true self.

Floors: Use 3 capfuls or more in your mop water. Use 1/2 bottle for extra power. Concentrate on your desires.

Bath: Use 3 capfuls or more in your bath. Say Psalms 54 & 64 before or while bathing or your own personal prayer. Use 1/2 bottle for extra power.

Sprinkling: Pour at least 1/2 bottle near doors, corners of rooms or yard for best results. Say your wish or prayer while sprinkling. Use the whole bottle at one time for Extra power.



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