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Prayer Bulletin

5/1/22 Prayer

Heavenly Father, I ask that you lift your powerful hands over my body throughout this month of May. Lift a shield over me, so that I am protected against any and all evil that may try to come my way. Lord, bring the financial blessing into my life that I have been praying for, so that I can live in peace and happiness. Father, I pray that you draw my lover closer so that we can both have the fulfillment and passion that we deserve. Finally, Lord, I ask that you open all roads and doors that have been blocked so that all things (good) that I deserve flow into my life with ease. May the month of May bring many blessings to me and my family! Amen.

Featured Product

Guardian Angel Candle

We all have a guardian angel. Connect with yours and get the blessings that you desire!

Burn this candle to call upon your Guardian Angel(s), so that you can get the blessings that you deserve. Lead your Angel(s) to the light so that they never leave your side. Whether it is your ancestor, lover, friend, or family member that has moved on, this candle will help to call upon them. Get the message from above that you have been waiting for. Keep your Guardian Angel near you so that you are always protected. Ask for signs that your loved one is near when burning and watch miracles happen.

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Angel Guardian Candle

May Horoscopes


Your psychic abilities are turned up this month. You can see deep within yourself to understand what you need to feel complete and how to fulfill yourself within. By the end of the month expect changes. Like an extra healthy lifestyle, or even a love connection.


This is a HUGE month for you. I know that you have been longing for something different and finally, it’s here- BIG change! I see some improvements in your career and/ or financial situation, but only if you listen to the universe. Don’t doubt yourself anymore, these changes are needed for you to move in the right direction.


Start your month slowly. No quick decisions or you may be led to negative consequences. Love is close, feelings are strong, and you may be ready to commit and settle down. Also, your creative energy is pouring out of you – so don’t quit – results are coming soon!


Utilize your mind this month. Quick thoughts and rash decisions will be an asset to you. A new career can be seen in your near future. Plan some additional time in your schedule, as last-minute changes in your schedule can be disruptive.


There may be some trouble in paradise. Your love life may be a bit rocky at the beginning of the month but should smooth out towards the end of May. A new job you love can help you earn some serious money. Focus and you will gain what you have been hoping for!


This is the month for you. I see a FANTASTIC job opportunity headed your way. I see self-care this month. Focus on your emotional wellbeing, take your time, and balance your schedule. Everything seems fine for you, just stay productive and trust yourself!


CONFIDENCE is through the roof! Energy levels are at an all-time high this month! Now is the time for the inner entrepreneur to come out. You are in tune with VENUS and understand the desires of others. Use this power to your advantage!


Look at you inspiring others with your creative ideas. I see those ideas influencing the lives of the people around you. Keep your positive thoughts and positive energy flowing. I see some new changes in your love life. Although, a new decision may have to be made.


Love, Luck and Success are keywords for you this month. Your gut feeling has not steered you in the wrong direction before and it won’t now, so follow your intuition. Pursue your goals! There may be some financial challenges this month if you mismanage your funds. Keep your finances on track, especially during this time!


Your patience is finally going to reward you. The things you have worked towards all this time are finally falling into place. However, they are falling into place quickly. You may feel more stressed than ever, so give yourself a break or two. Rest assured, everything will work itself out.


Transformation is what you can expect for the month of May. Set new goals, challenge yourself, and finish those already started projects. Follow that gut feeling and trust the process. Properly plan your moves and DO NOT procrastinate. Also, try to include healthier habits in your lifestyle.


May will be an enjoyable month overall. You may be receiving a promotion or raise at your current job. For the Pisces in a relationship, you may be experiencing conflict with your partner, just be sure to work together to find balance, and a common ground.

Up-to-Date Announcements

  • Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse: May 15-16- Eclipse in Taurus will have you feeling drained, foggy, and uneasy. Use any of our protection items to avoid feeling uneasy.
  • May specials posted on the home page!

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