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Prayer Bulletin

8/1/22 Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the new month of August that you have given to us. Thank you for all the blessings that you have granted me and my loved ones. Father, please grant me the strength to power through all the tasks that I have planned for the month, whether big or small. Please help me to make the right decisions in each aspect of my life. I pray for your protection as I begin each day. Please protect me from trouble wherever I go and keep evil away from me. I will always look up to you as my Protector, you are the only one that fights to protect me. Father, I know that nothing can remove me from your hand. I know that when I pray and call on you, you hear me. Please help me to keep my faith in you strong. May your goodness continue to surround me and my loved ones daily. My trust is in you, Father, and I thank you for your love, mercy, and goodness. In your name Heavenly name I pray, Amen.

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August Horoscopes


Aries, you are a passionate, motivated, and confident leader. As the 1st sign of the zodiac, you love being number one. Practice modesty this month if you’re in a big-spending mode. August is your month to chill Aries. Things will pop up to test your patience. Take deep breaths and relax. Think about how to prioritize and focus more on taking better care of yourself.

Lucky Numbers: 9 & 6


Taurus, you are the 2nd sign of the zodiac and considered the most grounded of the signs. You are practical and are always looking for growth. Let go of your expectations and let life surprise you with new ideas and romantic interests you may have not considered before. A well-deserved vacation with friends may pop up this month. Pack your bags dear Taurus, there is fun waiting ahead for you.

Lucky Numbers: 2 & 7


Gemini, August will be busy for you! As the 3rd sign of the zodiac, your sign is among the most vibrant of Sun signs. Your energy helps you communicate and share your ideas no matter how odd they seem. You are an expert at Creativity! Open your mind to fresh ideas and bring them to fruition. Family and home projects may be more a focus than your career. Some of you may be saying goodbye to a child going away to college or making a move. Celebrate those bittersweet moments that the Divine Universe gives to you. They help us grow!

Lucky Numbers: 3 & 5


Cancer, as the 4th sign of the zodiac, you have a Cancer Sun Sign. You are very devoted to your family and close friends. You are very intuitive and go through great lengths to defend them, no matter the cost. You can be sensitive in the extreme and have trouble being direct. This can lead to misunderstandings with others, so you need to find a way to be clear. This is a good time to listen and receive as opposed to deliver information. Keep quiet and think first before making any major decisions. Your task for this month is to find a project that inspires you and helps you stay focused.

Lucky Numbers: 15 & 37


Leo, Latin for Lion, is the 5th sign of the zodiac. Leo’s are known for their warmhearted, passionate nature. You are naturally confident and determined. Leo’s make great leaders with exceptional skills. This month you will be blessed with some joyful energy. Therefore, you will be able to express your emotions freely and agree to prioritize your needs. August says to take stock of your wildest wants and dreams and act on them. The chances of getting good results are very high at the beginning of this month. All your hard work is about to pay off Leo.

Lucky Numbers: 8 & 4


Virgo, the Earth sign historically represented by the goddess of agriculture. You are known for your logical approach to life. For August, most likely you will receive help from monetary gains suddenly and this will help strengthen your financial position. Make sure you plan carefully before making any investments this month. Conflicts may arise in your love life. This may bring on negative energy and you are recommended to try to remain calm as much as possible. Spend time in your garden and walk barefoot in the grass so that you can reconnect with nature, dear Virgo.

Lucky Numbers: 5 & 6


Libra, as the 7th sign of the Zodiac, appreciates balance, harmony, and peace in your life. August says that you need to follow your heart to stay on the right path in life that will lead to success. A raise or new project could fall on your lap! This month you will see your career progress. Trust in yourself and all will go well. You should not take your health for granted. You may be suffering from headaches. Get checked out by a health professional. Better to know what’s happening than to suffer in silence. Libra, take care of your spiritual health. At all times, keep spiritually fit. It is good to meditate occasionally to get in touch with your inner self.

Lucky Numbers: 7 & 12


Scorpio, as the 8th sign of the Zodiac, you are the most intense member of the Zodiac. You are able to see deeply into any given situation and won’t be fooled by other individuals. You are resourceful, perceptive, and understanding of people. During August, continue with caution. There may be some drama with relatives this month. Choose your words carefully. If you own your own business, you may see increased profits this month. You may also see the fruit of your investments. Work on your spirituality Scorpio, so that you can understand your life purpose.

Lucky Numbers: 2 & 7


Sagittarius, as the 9th sign of the Zodiac, you are one-of-a-kind! You are a unique blend of fun, passion, and intellect just to name a few. Your free spirit allows you to be spontaneous and fun. Therefore you have so my friends. You love to inspire the people around you to live their best lives. Be careful this month as you may run into some mind-blowing hot gossip. Treat this information with the sensitivity it deserves and do not pass it on. You have many admirers that are appreciative of you. Focus on the things in life that make you better and surround yourself with people that love you as much as you love them.

Lucky Numbers: 6 & 23


Capricorn, as the 10th sign of the Zodiac you are a beautiful Earth sign full of ambition and love for people. If you are a business owner, you are successful because of your discipline and eagerness to help people. Be careful with greed and making hasty decisions. During August watch your temper Capricorn. Someone may distract or disturb you towards the end of a project you have been working on. Take a deep breath and watch your language when dealing with others. Your finances this month may feel a sudden boost from various sources. A rebate check, a promotion, or a sudden increase within your business. The possibilities are endless! You will feel stability when this happens Capricorn.

Lucky Numbers: 8 & 26


Aquarius, as the 11th sign of the Zodiac you are among the most clever and optimistic people in the Zodiac. August will bring you a new and happy mood and you will have the best time with your friends at this time. You will be blessed with success and achievements but keep calm so that you can receive the maximum benefit from the situation. Do not jump into things without thinking them through clearly. You want everyone to be happy. If there is a way that you can make it happen, you will do it. Instead of focusing so much on pleasing others, make it a priority to please yourself. You are a natural leader and you have many friends that seek you for advice and inspiration. Excess stress can lead to a decline in your physical and mental health. So rest up Aquarius, you have lots of wonderful things yet to come that will be keeping you busy. Mid-August may be the best time to make healing mends with any unsettled family matters.

Lucky Numbers: 11 & 12


Pisces as the 12 sign of the Zodiac you are amongst the most sympathetic of the Zodiac signs. August is all about growth for you. Positive changes in your life will enable you to grow and succeed. Do not look back at the mistakes made in the past. That was also part of your growth process. Be proud of the path that you are in because you are where you need to be. There may be a secret hater in your midst but it’s only because you are loved and popular. Let this inspire you to keep working hard. You are a natural born empath, so use your intuitive skills to attract people that love you for you. You have tendencies to worry yourself sick, dear Pisces. Sleep when you can so that your immune system stays strong and healthy. Practice setting up healthy boundaries for your peace of mind.

Lucky Numbers: 3 & 7

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